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  1. Hey guys, I want to learn AJAX as I see there is some benefits to it, however I am not really sure what is involved in AJAX. From the topic I read in this forum "AJAX Support" I noticed that you guys mentioned, Javascript and PHP. But is there anything else? As googling it seems to come up with unrelated answers to my questions. Is there also a good tutorial website I can go to, to learn it? Faithful supporter
  2. Hem... The first time I actually read this. It sounds like a good idea
  3. Tucker


    Actually I came across the idea to check the extension myself when I read about the topic about removing mysql. I clicked on the idea and realized as you state the server is that easy to manipulate to our liking. Go Uniform Server!
  4. Tucker


    Forget it... I figured it out, php_pdo_mysql.dll was not included in the extensions so had to add that in and ammended the php.ini file and added the appropriate text. May I suggest you guys include PDO_MYSQL by default installed or at least avai in the extension to be turned on
  5. Tucker


    Two questions, One, what version php does uniform server 3.3 is running on and two, dependent on answer, can it support PDO? SO the question is, can we update it to allow PDO to work?
  6. I managed to figure it out in the end, though it was for a multiple page template.
  7. I am truly boggled when creating my own template engine. I read about it, seen them, read it line by line and understand most of it's logic, I just can't seem to grasp the concept behind it to produce something that will achieve what I want... Its something to do with parsing the file is where I seem to screw things up... Any thoughts?
  8. Yes... But I am thinking about like SID=thisismysessionid something along the id of that, but more defined and unique obviously
  9. Man that's sweet been wanting to get that install, to lazy to ask. lol thanks guys
  10. Is it possible we can create our own session ID?
  11. Yeah, want to know what exactly happens when this occurs?
  12. man that sucks the reply i posted never posted, anyway here is the link, what i wrote is that i havent updated the site it has alot of css info that some arent correct any longer. which i iwll be updating within the next 24-48 hours
  13. At least someone agrees with me here. But this is what I don't get. I took a copy of a friend's CSS coz it looked cool, and altered to try something, that was just the positioning of one of the elements, suddenly on IE it went from being centered to everything positioning to the left??? Do you have any idea why this would be the case?
  14. I hate IE I hate how it never works with IE on my first attempt. I have been working on a new site, everything is beginning to work out so I have begun to style it slowly, and things look fine until you try to view it on IE. Any tips on how to get it to work with IE without having to re-style it?
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