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  1. That works for me too - thanks
  2. I think I have a problem similar to this post. I have been using uniformserver for some years, and I was running 5-7-1.nano. I then deleted it and downloaded and installed 7-0-4.orion. I changed the port to 8080. I started it, and could see it running. I was able to access http://localhost:8080 and any of my own php-files, but I was unable to access http://localhost:8080/apanel (got a 403 error). I tried a few changes to the config file and I tried "Allow all" in .htaccess, but none succesfull. So I gave up and reinstalled 5-7-1.nano, which works fine. I then attempted to install 7.0.4-orion on another pc. On this one I didn't even had to change port. But with the same result: I am unable to get access to apanel.
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