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  1. Hi, thanks, I've tried PHP expert editor from ankord development, which seems to be quite lightweight and works with a debugger. They also have an stand-alone debugger GUI -I haven't tried it yet (http://www.ankord.com/phpxdbg.html). I don't know if it'll work from an USB stick though Maguma studio (open source version) also works with Uniform server with debugging tools installed, but I don't know how it works in a portable setting.
  2. Hi all, I've successfully installed uni-serv on my USB stick, using it as a portable development server. I'd like to add some debugging capabilities to my setup, and have installed DBG - 'PHP Debugger and Profiler' on top of php. Does anyone know of any IDEs that can be used from a USB stick and works with the debugger, so that I can add breakpoints, etc. Commercial or freeware! I've looked briefly at PHPed and some others, but they seem far to heavy to be used in a portable setting. Thanks!
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