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    HTTP Error 500

    Yeah, I did look at logs, but apparently the logs I looked at before I posted were for something different and I didn't think to look at those because I didn't think it would be logging my script errors. It turns out I was missing a curly bracket near the end of my script. I had a bunch of nested if statements and miscalculated just how many ending brackets I needed and that was the only issue. Instead of it returning the usual syntax error stuff it gave me HTTP 500 and brought me to this conundrum. thanks for the help.
  2. Demonten


    For class I have to make a "newsletter signup form". It didn't actually have to send an e-mail, but the bonus was to make it send an e-mail if the person submitted a form to remove themselves from the database. I am not really sure how to hook it up to the UniServer SMTP or anything, nor do I know how to hook it up to any other mail server. The code I have for now is: $to = $email; $subject = "You left!"; $body = "You have successfully removed yourself from our database, you treacherous scum."; if (mail($to, $subject, $body)) { echo("An e-mail has been sent confirming your removal from our database."); } else { echo("<em>failure sending e-mail</em>"); } The e-mail variable is defined earlier in the script. It is retrieved from the database.
  3. Demonten

    HTTP Error 500

    found my problem, thanks.
  4. Demonten

    HTTP Error 500

    So I'm just trying to test a tiny little php file I made for my computer science class. Normally, Uniform Server works for me without trouble. Today, however, it gives me this: HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request. I restarted Uniform Server etc. I'm not really sure why that one file won't work seeing as all my other files work
  5. So I've fixed most of my problems. I found a syntax error on line 124 of the config file (there was a "#" beside the listen line). It will now launch. I just can't view localhost in my browser.
  6. So, I've changed the port Apache uses to port 500 because 80 was full of system and some IIS that kept coming back every time I killed it. Whenever I run that pre-run check it says ports are free, and when I try to start Apache, a command prompt flashes up and then closes faster than I can read what's on screen. My current guess is that port 500 isn't actually a free port or something or the port doesn't exist, I haven't checked that yet though. When I run server status, it tells me MySQL is running fine, but that Apache isn't running and both its SSL and normal ports are free.
  7. I need this for school. I can't do my homework if I don't get this working. I changed the port successfully to 500 (which is free). When I try to run apache a command prompt flashes up really fast and goes away. I checked error logs and it doesn't have anything useful. I'm not entirely sure what else I can do. MySQL is launching and running fine
  8. Demonten

    Can't run

    It's telling me port 80 is closed. Before you go "YOU'RE AN IDIOT TURN SKYPE OFF" (that's what most people do) I don't have skype installed. I googled my problem and found some things to do. I found that it was PID 4 that is blocking port 80. I'm not going to stop that because it's system. So I found the IIS that's apparently running. When I turn it off, it turns itself back on as another PID. I obviously can't change that. So, I went in to try to change what port Apache listens on and it won't let me save the file. I checked permissions in the folders and on the files and I have full permissions. It says access is denied regardless. **EDIT** I suppose you can have system specs. OS: Windows 7 64bit Ultimate Processor: Intel i7 Quad Core @ 2.8GHz RAM: 4GB (kinda pathetic, I know...) Video Card: ATI Radeon 5800 GDDR5 (1GB) I'm not sure if you need any more?
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