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  1. I am not sure whether you have purchased EV SSL or not,, but still I’m trying to answer it as simple as possible.


    I was looking for the EV SSL certificate at low cost from COMODO (As many of my online frendz have guided me that features and prices are low as compared to others), As there are many reseller are there for COMODO EV SSL Certificate, i searched, compared prices and features and then i came to conclusion to buy it from very reputed and trustworthy company. As they offered EV SSL at very affordable price and 24*7 support system.


    If you have not purchased any till now. Please do reply so i can help you for the same..



    Cheap SSL Certificates | Code Signing Certificate

  2. Yes, You have to have SSL Certificate for, Register Page, Login Page, Forgot Password Page and if you have any specific pages where users used to fill confidential details.


    I feel that having SSL certs for your site will be beneficial, as users will donate online and online transaction will happen, and credit card information and all such sensitive information will require for the same purpose.


    The more customers trust you, the more they donate. An SSL certificate encrypts the connection between the browser and Web server. And protect all sensitive data from hackers and fraud.

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