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  1. Can't paste in IE11 even though I approved the clipboard. Please see my latest post.
  2. Well I got the start exe file in my thumb drive E of UniServer folder allowed. It sure beat binding it to IIS which Microsoft claims will allow you to enter Localhost/boundelement in the browser will generate the uniserver pages and php. However, I have set the TCP port and UDP port to 1177 and need to know what page configuration adjustments I need to make on the MySQL and apache servers as they are set on the unbound ports used by other programs. The version is 7.1.5-Orion and I'm sure there was an archive indicating how to get the ports changed to match 1177 in the config files of bouth apache and MySQL. Anybody got a ref or can I just find it in the Orion uniserver html files?
  3. Hi guys, I'm back. Mom was sick for 2 years. She's better now. I tried to load my Uniserver Orion thumb drive site on my new OS. Win 8.1 and found that with Orion the Unitray loaded to the tasckbar tray but recieved notification that port 80 was occupied by System process and the PID 4. Even though I can access all the html and images individualy I can't access the php apanel and typing http localhost into IE11 browser generates Microsoft IIS.html. MyAdmin and all php databases are unaccessable. No I can't shut off UAC in win 8.1. Which after 2 days of investigation seemed to be the better way to go but to no avail. I'm using FireFox now and still can't paste the images or alerts to this forum. i have used advanced settings in Chrome, Firefox and IE11 to turn on scripting and lowered all of the security settings, again to no avail. I can't even paste the Snagit Alert images I took to this forum? When I downloaded the Latest UniserverZ package and ran the exe file the latest tray icon didn't even appear in the tray but recieved the same notification in the taskmanager about port 80 and PID 4 running process SYSTEM when I clicked on the Uniserver icon in the taskmanager running processes. Again I'm running it from thumb drive E as a program. I need to access the databases I created in the Orion Uniserver but without appropriate credentials and access to localhost or apanel, I may never see them again. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Oh, I did manage to get the Apache2 command prompt to show the same port errors but the command prompt wouldn't last more than a few seconds as it too has to be run at administration level. Getting command prompt to always run at that level might be better. Maybe I should add the Orion MyAdmin sites to trusted sites in IE11??? See the attachment shows up in FireFox but no paste image to inline text.
  4. Thanks BobS , sorry about the bloat. I needed an answer, sooner than latter. Will Google ODBC.
  5. Wow guys, I'm not even sure I'm in the right forum? I've created an Excel workbook in mydocuments that I'd like to link to tables in my D: drive UniServer database tables. The Excel documentation points out that you can add a 'Secure Location' to link to but only offers the typical Microsoft database types including 'Oracle' and I was wondering if my database is compatible with those? If not then the documentation points out that you can add a database type. So I need to find out what type of database phpadmin creates and am not sure 'myisam' etc. is applicable. Any advice or direction greatly appreciated.
  6. Wow guys, I'm not even sure I'm in the right forum? I've created an Excel workbook in mydocuments that I'd like to link to tables in my D: drive UniServer database tables. The Excel documentation points out that you can add a 'Secure Location' to link to but only offers the typical Microsoft database types including 'Oracle' and I was wondering if my database is compatible with those? If not then the documentation points out that you can add a database type. So I need to find out what type of database phpadmin creates and am not sure 'myisam' etc. is applicable. Any advice or direction greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks BobS, still running old UniServer but appreciate the output. I'm wondering if everything is being archived for easy access? Not sure I'll be updating too soon?
  8. Yeah ironoverload, you get to choose which browser is your favorite from your own system. If Internet Explorer opens any HTML files it is because your system is set to do so. If you right click an HTML file you might get a choice to enter open with Firefox. If you type the html page into the address bar the UniServer has already opened the system browser, in this case Internet Explorer. Open Firefox from the programs menu or desktop icon and you should be prompted to use it as your favorite system browser. You should have IE, Firefox and Chrome browsers to test HTML and CSS as well as scripts accross the board. Even fonts are rendered differently in each. Presentation is everything. That being said, each browser should have the option to change from one browser to the other built into their 'Tools' or 'Internet Options'. Maybe Bill Gates wouldn't have lost the bogus Monoply suit if he had done so. It makes sence for developers to be able to switch between browsers that way so they don't have to reload everything to see the html output but the programing may not. Most of the Geniuses will have a far easier method of using several different browsers at the same time. Usualy a multi screen system with each browser open in a different screen which allows them to move the browsers from one to another screen. The Beauty of that is that you can test HTML and CSS output in a variety of standard screen sizes! One of these days.
  9. megan Thanks I guess your telling me that I have to hard code the javascript events like onclick into the get.php file in order for the javascript to run which I have done like this and works: get.php echo "<img src='" . $row['src'] . "' class='image' [b][u]onclick='pictureclick()'[/u] [/b] title='Click to get a better look'/></div>"; Is this the only way to get this to work? It is obtrusive
  10. Hello gang, I've been struggling for a week to get the Ajax called elements to run the external.js file script. I used get elementbyid to place an src on a blank script tag with a function that calls the Ajax call that works and alters the innerHTML of the correct div on my index.html but can't run the js on those new well styled elements unless I hardcode the events into the get.php? So I tried creating an include 'js.php' at the bottom of the get.php but only resulted in the js.php being printed out at the bottom of the responceText. Can anybody tell me if the UniServer php INI needs to be adjusted to parse js.php files differently in order to run javascript on responceText html elements? Or do I have to hard code/inline the events on the get.php file. Which does seem to work but is nonobtrusive to say the least? Any comments greatly appreciated.
  11. BobS Hey guy I finaly got the javascript written in script tags of the contact.html page which I wrote to the innerHTML of the 'display' div as an object. What it took was amazingly simple. I had to have written an httpServerRequest or Ajax call to the server via external.js before the javascript would run. The call did not have to be made but just had to be there. Lucky for me I had links that required both object and ajax php calls, otherwise I would never have known. Any search on the subject generaly leads to the type swfObject or javaApplet etc. Thanks for that as in general these objects have urls that steer the media player to a proprietary company server that allows the scripts to run. Even though validation is a nusance the classic embed tag allows sounds etc. to be played regardless of what media player is loaded on the client. I didn't get to read your link but saved it to My Favorites and will do so soon. It will be interesting to see how long the browser war will continue to represent proprietory media recognition, a not so subtle form of cronyism bogged down in contract negotiations
  12. boBs Flash files generaly have a relative link to the server of the flash player company set as a param in the object along with CLASID: and base directories or file paths etc. which allow the flash to run without refreshing the page or issuing a warning/promt to run the Activ-X object depending on your browser advanced settings. If I use html Object tag to get an HTML page from UniServer to replace the content of a div it is still a form of http request that avoids the use of a bloated Ajax file to make that request. EG. INDEX.HTML EXTERNAL.JS var contact=document.getElementById('contact'); addEvent(contact,'click',function(){ var f1=document.getElementById('f1'); f1.innerHTML='<object id=contacthtml class=htmlpage type=text/html data=contactus.html> <script src=./scripts/contact.js type=text/javascript></script>//Doesn't work </object>'; alert(document.getElementById('contacthtml').outerHTML); //shows the objects html? },false); If I use the object method the div f1 innerHTML content is changed but it's internal or external js is not recognized and doesn't run even if you allow the script to run at the warning/prompt the page is refreshed and the content reverts to it's previous state. The external.js link of the index page method can't refrence the id of the object and apply functions to the html elements of the object and hard coded inline scripting only works on the <a tag elements even though it still draws the warning/prompt? I'm guessing that the objects have to be prefetched before writting them to the innerHTML and that the client has to approve their download but I can't find any reasonable explanation on the web other than flash type obects.
  13. Hey Rex not sure myself but I'd like to know how to get an html page as an object from the server myself. The page shows up when I write it to the innerHTML of a div on my index page as an object but the script built into the page causes IE8 to warn and refresh the index page sending you back to the original content or just not running the script for that page at all. Calling object might mean that the object has to be registered on the server so that it has a classID and I can't find out how to do the server registration of objects. Would be nice if the UniServer team could cherp in? Either that or I have to revert to a Ajax call to a PHP page of the HTTML page I want to load in my div which throws out the whole beauty of the object tag. My guess is that the object has to be registered on the server to allow it to run it's scripts?
  14. megan The new errors produced after corecting the select*FROM statement are as follows So I'm guessing the 'i' is not being defined which could be the javascript ajax call function or the onclick itself is not passing var i=this.id to getproduct() corectly. I'll have to post in javascript forum.
  15. megan Thanks, you're right. The 'i' still returns 'undefined index: i on line 2 and syntax error on line 7 ie select * From '".i."'" I'd guess that the ajax call is not getting the id of the li item clicked for the php $q=$_GET["i"]; as well as the wrong syntax for the quote double quotes shown above. Will have to get back and try again on the pc that has the server. Thank again for pointing out that simple syntax error.
  16. I'm using ul element onclick javascript function to change div innerHTML with get mysql query but the innerHTML returns 'You have an error in your SQL syntax "undefined" at line 2'. Onclick external.js Ajax function getproduct(i){ if(i=' '){ document.getElementById('f1').innerHTML=' '; } if (window.XMLHttpRequest) {// code for IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest(); } else{// code for IE6, IE5 xmlhttp=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); } xmlhttp.onreadystatechange=function() { if (xmlhttp.readyState==4 && xmlhttp.status==200) { document.getElementById("f1").innerHTML=xmlhttp.responseText; //errors declared here } } xmlhttp.open("GET","getproduct.php?q="+i,true); xmlhttp.send(); } var jewelry= document.getElementById('jewelry').childNodes; for (i = 0; i < jewelry.length; i++) { if (jewelry[i].className == 'item') { // excludes class="item disabled" jewelry[i].onclick = function() { alert(this.id+': Is sending your request.'); // this actually gets the right id var i=this.id; // declared variable? getproduct(i);//used variable returned undefined index? } } } window.onload=getproduct(); getproduct.php? <?php $q=$_GET["i"];//undefined index i at line 2 $link=mysql_connect("localhost","root","root")or die(mysql_error( )); mysql_select_db("bwi",$link) or die(mysql_error( )); $query=mysql_query("select FROM* [B]'".$i."'[/B]")or die(mysql_error( )); //undefined variable i line 7 syntax error on quotes? As I'm new to Ajax and PHP I have to know how to define i and the corect syntax in the select FROM * statement. Any thoughts greatly appreciated
  17. Coral in development mode I'm still getting syntax error near "undefined" at line 1? In development mode. Wasn't aware I was in production mode in the first place. I had the two terms backwards. I thought development was before-publishing and production = published. I realize I should have posted in the PHP forums but I haven't had time. I had to reinstall Uniserver and rebuild the database. I saved exported database to table folder in myDocs site folder just incase this happens again. I used every format I figured I could use later to reinstall. I'm wondering if Notepad++ would help. It caused me a lot of headaches trying to get it to work. Ric's posts are obsolete at this point, none of the files he mentions are even in the Notepad++ latest version and other people where saying to install .dll to Uniserver/Apache2/modules etc. with obsolete none existant files. One things for sure, I dont want to see another 'Unknown Exception' thrown by Notepad++ again. I'm guessing that the latest Notepad++ installs the latest php debuger from sourceforge oberon lexer2 and WIN XP dosen't like it. I'm also guessing that you did not notice any syntax error in the above mentioned code? I tried every form of quotes before I even posted. The funy thing is, I had it working fine when the javascript ajax call was placed directly on the li item by id and produced the correct html output. It wasn't untill I used the onclick of the ul by id that it stoped producing html. I saw something about IE8 not using onclick of uls that well and that onchange was more appropriate. I'll try it though I'd rather be cross browser compatible, and that is more of a select options syntax. tierd now, got to kick it in the head.
  18. Coral Yeah I can't find the phpMyAdmin link in the UniServer Home page. I must have screwed it up trying to load Notepad++ and it's plugin for php to the D: drive. Seems like Notepad installs it's own latest version of dbdebug.dll that throws an unknown exception alert. I took all the files out and reset the php.ini file but can't get phpMyAmin anymore. Will try what you said. Uniform Server board site is loading very slowly.
  19. I believe this is the line of code that the error is indicating and I can't see a problem. Hope someone else can $query=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM '".$q."'")or die(mysql_error( ));
  21. jeret I deleted it from the www folder and then realized that I couldn't access phpmyadmin myself. Lucky I had the files UniServer on my desktop and could copy them and paste them back to my Thumb drive servers file www. I'm not sure that my circumstances equal yours as I'm in development stage and not prduction? I'm guessing your setting up to go online and need to reed up on allowing access to the index.html without login over the internet/web. I'll have to do the same shortly. Right now access to phpmyadmin is more important so I access the servers first then open another tab and type in http://localhost/index.html which I expediate by copying the server tab input and paste into the newtab input, alter then hit go. Luckily the link change only has to be done once because a drop down list of history in the new tab should appear as soon as you enter the pasted info and backspace, then select http://localhost/index.html and the index page appears in that tab. You should be able to get more info from the UniServer Team link on the page your trying to delete. I don't believe that once published any body who types in your site address ie. www.my.com sees anything other than the index.html address for that page so I believe you are right and would have to change the name of the server file page to prevent would be hackers getting access to the login in the first place. This is an issue beyond my current knowledge and needs a response from UniServer Team member.
  22. Hi Marshy would that be Download Oberon2Lexer.v0.3.1.zip (147.5 KB) Also bananaacid's Installation guide led to page not found. I need that link. Regards, Heinz Stapff. Hey bananaacid this link isn't working but I could use it. wikicomunity.com leads to Godaddy site but searching for HOW TO INSTALL ETC. fails? http://www.judiwa.com/2010/03/27/how-to-se...d-to-debug-php/ works
  23. Hi Ric I think I've come accross a similar problem with javascript. The div changed by mysql_query dosen't respond to the external.js even though I placed echo "<link relative " at the bottom of the page. I had also taken the link out of the index.html header and had it at the bottom of the page just before /body. I guess that php is a head/header responce language anyway. Could you post the header for javascript?
  24. BobS Thanks , I wasn't sure that it was a php problem but I'm guessing it might be mybrowser when running the loaded php echo in the div? Is it normal for the view source not to show the updated html? That is a php question. If it isn't then it probably is the browser and options in the browser might be able to correct this? Where did you move the topic and will I be notified of replys? Thanks again, total noob. Oh YEAH, I added echo "<link rel type='javascript/text" etc to the .php file to no avail.
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