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  1. Well how to avoid that while an user spams f5 on my site the CPU goes to about 50 % ,I'm using simple script to test it out: <?PHP echo "asd"; ?> on linux the apache used mpm_prefork on which user was unable to do something like this but ram consuming was VERY huge while you had many users on the site here we use mpm_winnt multi processing module. before on xampp the problem was same , I switched to uniform server since it has all newest packages apache,php,mysql . I have also tried easyPHP there wasn't such problem probably because they aren't using any php accelerator like uniform server and xampp do use fe. eAccelerator 1.0-snv427 but loading of the pages on easyphp was there not really fast for me. How can I protect against this ? Some protection which will ban the user from the site for x minutes after spam of refresh mod_easive on linux what I can use on windows?
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