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  1. Hi, I haves been faced with a similar problem in 11_7_8_ZeroXI an the php 5.6 plugin I detected that there was a difference between the php 5.6.dll filenames in the apache config file (httpd.conf) and the corresponding filenames in the php56 directory. e.g.: in the Apache httpd.config file : <IfDefine php56> ... LoadFile ${US_ROOTF}/core/php56/icudt53.dll .... but the corresponding dll filename in the php55 directory was icudt54.dll My solution : After adjusting all the corresponding .dll filenames in the httpd.conf file Apache started smoothly.
  2. I installed Uniform Server 11_7_5_ZeroXI.exe but Apache failed to start. I detected a difference between some php.dll version numbers mentioned in the apache config file (httpd.conf) and the dll version numbers in the embedded php directory. e.g.: httpd.config stipulates <IfDefine php54> LoadFile ${US_ROOTF}/core/php54/icudt53.dll but the embedded php54 file is /core/php54/icudt49.dll My solution : After adjusting the version numbers in the httpd.conf file Apache started smoothly.
  3. It also could be helpfull to empty your browser's cache after the password change. greetings, aoristos
  4. Hi, After some trial & error i succeeded in installing PEAR starting with go-pear.phar. I've put some explanation here
  5. I also had the 'TR/Dropper.gen' virus alarm of Avira Antivir (latest (= today) update) concerning run_pre_check.exe in the 5.7.5 Nano package. Thanks for reporting it to Antivir.
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