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    Main OS Windows 95

    'vista' might be closer to 'zeven', but it both are not te proper values
  2. When registering i get to choose a 'Main OS' I picked 'Windows 95', because my current windows version is not listed...... maybe the server admin can add 'Windows 7' to this list?
  3. Luuk

    Change Hour

    Maybe it would be a better option to add 'timezone' the se PHP Configuration page (http://localhost/apanel/pconfig.php) I just installed Uniform Server 5.7.1, and i think this is a great piece of work... The only problem i had was getting IIS out-of-the way (i changed it to listen to port 88 for now...) My second suggestion would therefor be to add anoption to change the default port of a service (apache or mysql) which is partly done in 'Move Server multi-server config' but this option presumes you are only running Uniform Server, and not IIS+Uniform Server
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