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  1. I tried to start some later Coral versions with Unitray 8.1.0, it didn't work for me. So... Any advice?
  2. Looks like Orion 7.0.9 has solved the problem... So far:) Thanks to the developers!
  3. I'm still having the same problem with Orion 7.0.8! What should I do to leave the hosts file untouched? Orion 7.0.1 still works fine without making any changes to the hosts file. Also, everything is fine in Opera, no matter what version of Uniserver I use. My system is Win 7. Help somebody, please!
  4. Hi, got the same problem after switching from Orion_7_0_1 to Orion_7_0_7 (probably missed a few versions). The funny thing is - Opera has no problem to access localhost/apanel (or localhost/anything), while, for example, IE or Google Chrome get "403 forbidden" error. I tried to figure out ian's solution but I couldn't. ...help?
  5. Exactly, at least I hope I do. And I also hope I get it right:)
  6. That's true, it is always a good word:) But, in my defenсe, see: 1. I was looking for the most efficient way of changing the setting I needed, and "Specify character settings at MySQL configuration time" seemed the best to me, for it changes it once and forever, not every time I run the server. Maybe I was wrong. And anyway, I didn't know how to do that. 2. I found the file name "my.ini" on that page only once, in comments, and never found the path "UniServer\usr\local\mysql". Probably I'm supposed to know that by default but I do not yet, sorry. 3. Even if what Ric recommended wasn't exactly what I was looking for (I guess it was "Specify character settings at server startup"), it still helped, and if Ric - the developer - recommends something, it leaves no doubt that's the right way. 4. Weak exculpation, but I'm Russian speaking, and even cursory inspection of that page was already quite a challenge for me, and even writing this post took me about half an hour:) But thank you anyway for your time and trying to help, I appreciate that a lot! And in the future I will do my best to extract information from TFMs:)
  7. 2 Ric OMG it's simply MAGIC! It did work!!! Thank you so much, appreciate your really fast help! Hope this solution will work further. And why would you change this setting at all?..
  8. Thank you, Shyokou Ouyou, I read the section you've advised and probably it would be helpful if I knew some more, but I'm just learning, so... See, as I understand, "to select a character set and collation when you configure and build MySQL from source" - that's what I need in my case, right? But I don't build anything, it is already built and built in Uniserver, so I can't change and configure anything on that level. Or... can I? And also the issue was that the default charset and collation have changed from version 5.6.16 to 5.7.1, and I have never had that kind of problem before, in previous versions of Uniserver. Is it going to be fixed (changed back to utf8) in next versions? I'm really a newbie, forgive me if I say something stupid. Just want to solve the problem:)
  9. Hi! Got a problem, and I guess it is SQL problem (I'm not experienced at all, so I might be wrong). The problem is: in previous version of Uniserver (5.6.16) the default collation was utf8_general_ci, which was good and helpful (I had nothing to change). And now, in 5.7.1 SUDDENLY it changed to latin1_swedish_ci, and it messed up all my tables. I know it is possible to restore everything and all, but maybe there any way to change default collation? Or maybe I misunderstand something at all? Oh, almost forgot - I'm Russian speaking and I use Russian language in my tables.
  10. Oh, has it? I don't think so, at least not in my computer - it's always blue and has "1" on it. I looked files in *:\UniServer\unicon\tray_menu directory, there 9 images, tray_image_1.bat - tray_image_9.bat, all blue, just have different numbers on them. No coloured icons. And even the number on tray icon never changes. I've got the latest version of Uniserver. Have I missed something?
  11. Is it possible to make Uniserver tray icon change it's colour depending on server's state? For example, blue - server is turned on but not running (Stop Uniserver), green - turned on and running (Start Uniserver), maybe red - some problems (like some port is busy or whatever).
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