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  1. Hi, I'm having a problem with Superfish I'm at a loss as to what the problem might be located, what is the solution so..not knowing where to pinpoint the problem I asked. someone told me that this is probably a server code issue, please read on. I did a stupid thing, I was looking for a way to reduce the number of SF modules on my Joomla 1.5 site by modifying my module tag to look like this: <jdoc:include type="modules" name="sf-menu" style="html"?php echo $pageclass ? $pageclass : 'default'; ?>" > That last part works well in template div tags but now I know its deadly if included in a module positon. When I looked into view source, it was blank. I've clawed back somewhat but the menu module still does not show up in view source. Since then I've deleted SF modules, re-installed a backup version of Joomla and put in a new SF module. The site looks OK except no menu appears, nothing in view source that isn't already in Index.php. Also my backup did not load articles, they were all "undefined" which is a minor hassle since I have these in utf-8 text files. Do I need a Joomla re-install or a full Joomla / server re-install? I really don't know. Any and all help is well appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi Shyokou Ouyou Thanks for responding, I'll look at the issue you raised here. I looked into my Firewall and deleted all related entries, re-installed checked out how to make firewall rules and I'm hoping this will solve at least part of the problem. Also my Uniserver installation was not exemplary, I did a better job this time. TY much R
  3. Hi, I'm working on localhost with Joomla 1.5.22 using Mona 4.3 on a XP SP3 machine. I'm trying to access my site and get the following from MySQL: "Cannot start server Port 3306 in use by another server." Uniform server says it is started but My Sql isn't. One green the other red. I look into Task Manager PID and find apache.exe on port 3116 mysqld-opt.exe is running on port 2600 there is absolutely nothing listed for port 3306 when I press "test" on Uniform server panel it says "Your Apache server port is: 80 SSL not enabled. Port 443 is free to use. Unable to run MySql another server is using port 3306" Again, Task PID manager does not list anything being on port 3306 I shut down apache (now 2 red buttons) and try deleting the entire installation via unlocker Unlocker says there are 3 instances of mysqld-opt.exe running two on port 2600, the other on the error log What is going on here? Is there something left over from a delete, like in C:\Windows? Somehow I get the feeling that there is residue from previous installs that could make any future install problematic. Help in finding a solution to this nagging problem would be greatly appreciated. I'd be happy to produce more info if needed, I have copies of log files, php.ini which shows a lot of uncommented stuff that has no values attached. Thanks for reading R
  4. Hi, I'm sure this is a problem of my own making, the thing is I don't know what I did or exactly when I did it. Help in solving this is greatly appreciated. I'm getting this from the Uniserver log file: Warning: Document Root does not exist I ran Joomla 1.5 diagnostic.php and it is saying this: WARNING Z:/www/Joomla/configuration.php File is corrupted or has been altered WARNING Z:/www/Joomla/htaccess.txt File is corrupted or has been altered WARNING Z:/www/Joomla/index.php File is corrupted or has been altered WARNING Z:/www/Joomla/administrator/components/com_admin/admin.admin.html.php File is corrupted or has been altered I cut it short as all lines say the same thing. I don't know how to zero in on the problem and even less on how to solve it. Here's a bit more info: It started out when I was locked out of the back-end of Joomla (wrong id/pw) how that happened I'm unsure but it seems to happen a lot with Joomla installations judging by the threads in other forums. At this point the front-end was displaying. I entered phpmy admin (which is still OK judging by the looks of it) to try and change passwords and / or create a new user...I created the user with full admin rights but still got the bad id/pw message from the back end. I tried modifying the config.php file and then things went from bad to worse. Now all I'm getting is blank screens Mona 4.3 seems to be OK, I cans till access phpmy admin. I'm hoping this is not too serious, I was going to do a backup when this happened. Thanks for reading
  5. It works! Thanks BobS! Only wish I could have talked to you 2 days earlier. The Joomla lit I've seen is mostly all about> do this and that happens but in real life we all know that s$#@ happens! This should be included in all Joomla books under "troubleshooting solutions" TY very much RD
  6. BobS, Thanks a lot for replying in such detail. Thanks for taking the time. I already have a DB installed from myphpadmin and a user but I'm going to do as you say just the same. Please understand that I'm new at this, know some html and css and english... I guess you did not mention the following because it is self-evident nbut I need to check anyway: how about inserting this part between creating the db and the user ??? << INSERT INTO `jos_users` VALUES (62, 'Administrator', 'admin', 'your-email@email.com', '21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3', 'Super Administrator', 0, 1, 25, '2005-09-28 00:00:00', '2005-09-28 00:00:00', '', ''); INSERT INTO `jos_core_acl_aro` VALUES (10,'users','62',0,'Administrator',0); INSERT INTO `jos_core_acl_groups_aro_map` VALUES (25,'',10); >> I got that from a Joomla installation manual. It needs to be done right? They say do it as an SQL Query, I did that as well on other occasions. Or maybe what you do would make this redundant? <quote> Then I make sure that the privileges for that user are correct, which is a key part. Using myPhpAdmin, I create the DB, then go back a level (the home point) and select privileges to Add a new User. On this form, put in the name, select Host as local, and put in the password (2 fields); then hit GO.</quote> In any case, when I do it, I get this: <<Your SQL query has been executed successfully>> Which I'm sure is a good thing Also, while fooling around in php my admin I looked at another DB (than my Joomla one) mysql (which has 16 items) I looked at servers and within that "ports" which is different in many ways from all other tables in that section. Its the only one that is not char(64) and not utf8_general_ci and has an attribute of none? Is this normal? This should be set at port 3306 correct? <quote>The connection is specified in the configuration.php file and requires four parameters"</quote> Can I just delete the other db and make changes to the existing configuration.php? Once more, thank you very much, I'll be back with the results shortly. RDT P.S. Tear paper, not your hair. PPS, The paper was the first to go!
  7. Hi, This is my first post, I need help desperately. I'm on my 3rd install of Uniserver Mona 4.3 (in the last 5 months) with Joomla 1.5.19 always on a localhost and under Windows XP sp3. I always install Mona in my d drive root , I have that entire drive dedicated to just this project. Over the last 2 days I gone through the install process maybe 5 times, deleting everything, starting over always with the same result:>>> Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL In previous installs I never had this much difficulties. I've read many post and tried everything under the sun but still keep getting this message. I do the manual install and have gone through the steps in order. The database is created, the joomla.sql info is imported, and the tables, mods, templates all seem to be there OK. Deleted the installation folder. But it stops working there. I've checked the php.ini file (display errors off) I have a copy of the install data, nothing out of the ordinary it seems Can somebody please help, I'll be bald soon?
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