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  1. Is there any update as to when the sqlite plugin will be available? Is there anything that I can do to help get this created? Thanks, Rick
  2. Another option for Linux is XAMPP. It is a binary distribution of Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc that is very easy to install and configure. I use it on an Ubuntu Linux box.
  3. Every router is different (e.g. LinkSys router configuration is much different than D-Link, etc); you'd need to have admin access to the router configuration pages and the manual for the router. [and if the router belongs to the school, I doubt they are going to give you access to its configuration; I don't allow anyone other than myself to change my router configuration]
  4. See this post. Register globals is off by default in PHP4.2 and above; that's the reason you are seeing that behavior. It can be turned on in the php.ini file, but the use of $_REQUEST, $_GET, etc arrays is encouraged for security reasons.
  5. Have you tested this script on other web servers. I've had no problems with URL parameters using Uniform Server (using either php or perl). Are you using $_REQUEST['id'] to get the parameter? I just created a dirt simple test.php script in w:/www/rick/php: <HTML> <BODY> <?php echo "<p>id is " . $_REQUEST['id'] . "</p>"; ?> </BODY> </HTML> With Uniform Server running, executing it via http://localhost/rick/php/test.php?id=5 results in: id is 5 as I'd expect.
  6. Thanks for the information. Do you have an estimate for when that plug in will be available?
  7. I've downloaded Uniform Server 3.3 for use on a thumb drive. From looking through this board (See here), I understood that SQLite would be included in this version of the server. However, I've been unable to use it from within PHP, either directly (using sqlite_open, etc), or via PEAR's DB module. Pages using MySQL work great, but it would be nice to not have to run MySQL just to test some basic database functionality. Is there something that I need to enable in my PHP configuration in order to use SQLite? Thanks, Rick
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