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  1. UPDATE: Looks liek the VTiger CRM PEAR problem is script related and not server
  2. Uniform server is great! I've been looking for a portable WAMP for quite some time. It's not perfect. but It's working great. Here are some packages I've successfully installed and ran. CMS Made Simple (looks fully functional) MediaWiki (looks fully functional) VTiger CRM (working, but complaining about MySQL 5 and PEAR). Althoght I have tried the addon mysql downgrade (seems to make Uniform stop working) and I thought PEAR was installed already. I wanted to install coppermine but that would require imagemagik or GD. Maybe in another version. Thanks to the developers in doing a great job!
  3. Anybody have and idea if ImageMagik http://www.imagemagick.org/script/binary-releases.php would be a hard plugin to make? Anybody skillful willing to try?
  4. UPDATE: Looks like it's working now. sweet!!
  5. Just a quick guess. (wild shot). Might be the a write caching thing. Donno.
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