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  1. The apanel had already modified my hosts file for me but I have tried to change a few things within it manually - to no avail. However, this "hosts" file is just useful for local resolution, correct? Either way, I'm getting the same result when I try to access my domain either within the server (where the hosts file resides) or outside the server on another computer: an "index of /" folder listing. Thanks again. If you think of anything else, I'd be greatly appreciative.
  2. Ric, I've made the "server alias" change that you mention above but that still doesn't make a difference - either by hitting site1.com or www.site1.com in my browser. I still get the "Index of /" folder listing page. I feel like I'm in a rut. There's no other changes, in the dozens and dozens of documents I've reviewed, that I think I need to make. Anyway, I sincerely appreciate you posting a reply.
  3. I actually did read. I had been repeatedly reading every post re: VirtualHost (including the ones to which you linked) for 6+ hours. I'm obviously missing something but I'm not sure what that is. Perhaps I just needed some sleep. I'll review all of the pages I've already reviewed and see if I can't get anywhere. Thx for the response though. I appreciate you linking to those pages. BTW, the redirect won't work b/c I'll have multiple sites (as soon as I can get this working) AND I don't want my site to reside in a subdirectory (e.g., site1.com/site1).
  4. Preface: My sincere apologies if this question of mine has already been answered on the board. I've been browsing misc articles both here and on Apache's site but have been unable to find an answer. I've been attempting to setup multiple sites on Uniform Server. At first, I was unable to access the site on different PCs (turns out the Firewall was on, go figure) but now I can. Unfortunately, the "new" site I've enabled in httpd.conf (or through the aPanel interface) is directing me to the /www/ root. At first, I kept seeing the "Welcome to Uniform Server" index.php page when I typed in my new domain. Then, I deleted that file as well as the "images" and "css" folders that resided in that /www/ directory. So, all that remained was my new site folder (/site1/) and the .htaccess file. Now, when I try to access my new domain in the browser, I only see a listing of one folder. When I click on the respective folder, I get the correct site contents but they essentially reside in a subdirectory: www.site1.com/site1. How can I get site1.com to look directly at that /site1/ folder instead of having to choose from a list of folders? I've already specified the directory location in the httpd.conf file. <VirtualHost *> ServerName localhost:80 DocumentRoot C:/Users/Administrator/Desktop/www2/www </VirtualHost> <VirtualHost *> ServerName *.site1.com DocumentRoot C:/Users/Administrator/Desktop/www2/www/site1 ErrorLog logs/site1_error.log CustomLog logs/site1_custom.log combine </VirtualHost> Many thanks for help. Again, I've combed through dozens of postings both here and on the wiki as well as on Apache's site. I have to be missing something obvious.
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