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  1. You guys dont make it easy to upgrade from one version to another. Seems like you have yet again changed the directory structure. Previously, was uniserver\home\admin\www\phpmyadmin NOW its UniServer.8.1.1\home\us_phpmyadmin as an example. Whats with all the US's???? Might not seem like a big thing to you guys, but it seems i have to update the web server upgrade instructions that i pass to my team every 6 months or so. It usually takes me a day or two to narrow down all the changes, document them and get the websites up and running in the new configuration. A day which i would much better spend doing many other things. Is it possible for you guys to make it easier for someone to upgrade? For instance, with xampp, an upgrade would (in theory) upgrade overtop, keeping all the configurations and stuff. Currently, i have to manually copy over , as an example, all the *.ini files all the .htaccess files, conf files, manually compare them to look for changes in syntax, etc... could use a more streamlined "drop in" approach. not that i am complaining . i prefer being current even if i have to waste some time doing it.
  2. version of uniserver is 5.7.5 . OS is windows 2003 server. sorry didnt think it relevant!
  3. Yes i just upgraded and still have this issue. I can successfully change the contents of those files, but apanel still tells me they are not configured. annoying! Any idea how i prevent apanel from giving me security alerts about my already configured passwords?
  4. Hello there. I was just wanting to drop a note in here for a possible bug in uniform server and the way it generates SSL certs from "\UniServer\unicon\key_cert_gen\Run.bat". It was appending the text /me@example.com to my certificate. A simple comment out of that line( line 106) in the array in file: "\UniServer\unicon\key_cert_gen\ssl_gen.php", and the regeneration of the certificate, fixed the issue. Additionally, i changed the country, province and region to my own liking as well. Why are these not user configurable from the run.bat program? what would be the point of appending me@example.com to the certificate? if theres no point, is this not a bug? let me know thanks
  5. Hi there. I have just started using uniserver and it worked great in our test environment! i had a small problem when moving to production today. It seems that i can set the mysql password OK, but i cannot set any of the other passwords. I have commented out the 4 lines in the ht access files and restarted apache. still no dice. It keeps asking me to set these passwords, i set it, it confirms that i have set it, and then right back to the beginning saying i am insecure and need to set passwords. also i am not prompted to enter a password when logging on to apanel. I have checked externally, and SITENAME/apanel returns a 404, so it is locked down OK based probably on apache directory security. i do want to set a password so that people on the internal network must authenticate. i have also added 'allow from 10' in the ht access files, so that i can admin the server from my local subnet. any ideas? any way to set these passwords manually with a text editor? let me know thanks! i get the following when going to apanel/home * Change the username/password for the Admin Panel here * Change the username/password for the server here * Change the username/password for the SSL server here * Run the Security Console and see if everything is OK. any help appreciated! thanks. also i should note that the machine has two IP addresses, if that matters. really the only difference between dev and live. i set the ip in the httpd.conf (changed from localhost).
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