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  1. Thank you oliviasslguru and hilary johnson for your replies. I already brought a geotrust true businessid ev certificate from rapidsslonline.com. They provided it at dirt cheap rate. Thank you for providing the information. But i would like to ask one question. I think you are quite impressed by this company called ssllogic.com, but are you so impressed that you have kept their urls in your signature? Why can't you guys simply say that you are in marketing dept. of ssllogic.com and offers cheap certificates? That would have been a better answer to my thread.
  2. t is technically a foundation, a non profit organization website, which will allow people to make donations for the cause. Is purchasing an SSL certificate for this site a good idea? If i have to purchase then which one is better for such a site?
  3. Hi buddy I desperately needed EV ssl certificate for one of my client urgently. Do you know any SSL provider who is providing low price then regular? Please let me know, so I can save some of my dollars. Thanks in advance.
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