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  1. i spent yesterday rolling my own by slightly modifying https://github.com/Xeoncross/wnmp downloading the components, tweaking the config. starting and stopping the server now takes < 1sec. there's no tray indicator, which i'm figuring out on how to make. trayconize didn't work for me on W7x64. i'm quite comfortable editing the php.ini and nginx config by hand, it's much less verbose than apache's httpd.conf mem usage is down, too. php-cgi - 9.6mb mysqld.exe - 27mb nginx.exe (2 procs) - 5.3mb + 5.7mb this setup feels lightweight, fast and can be auto-updated from the binary distributions using a small php script w/curl+preg_replace. maybe i'll fork WNMP and commit my changes when finished.
  2. i had exactly the same question actually. it seems strange that there are so many diff techs used for doing everything. .hta, .vbs, .php, exe, i was under the impression that pretty much everything could have been done using winbinder, since it already comes packaged with it. winbinder may be a bit too low-level/verbose so why not use something like http://winbinder.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1238 or http://winbinder.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f...30&start=15 as a starting point? even without winbinder, you could simply make a web-app for 90% of the functionality backed by php using exec() when needed. would be interesting to get some clarification on this. all this talk about unification makes me want to take some time off to roll my own, + replace Apache w/nginx, shave a ton of weight
  3. thanks for the explanation. it would be great to have tighter integration though, and it can be achieved i think. if the dev/prod setting is user-changed, on apache startup simply detect the ini version being used (it's already in the first few lines of the file) and if it differs, then do the same thing that happens when it's done through the ui. i see no reason why this needs to be restricted to the "do not change section". i would be interested in altering the scripts myself and submitting them to you guys to integrate. is there some global architecture overview doc that outlines the general directory structure and program flow? is the "Start_as_program.exe" just a way to run a windbinder script? thanks, leon
  4. "well-integrated"? i can't imagine what this means. BobS, meet grep. Grep, meet BobS. (specifically http://tools.tortoisesvn.net/grepWin.html if you like it for free, or windows' own findstr, or qgrep http://ss64.com/nt/qgrep.html) it's odd that disabling the nag screen can be done by editing the ini file, but switching between prod and dev can only be done via a gui, i know we're in windows, but come on. what far-reaching black magic can it possibly be working?
  5. yes, there were several months of work and testing done by accident.
  6. you registered just to post this? were you hoping this would start some sort of constructive discussion?
  7. it also seems i am unable to figure out how to switch between development and production without manually replacing the file. i changed the value in \uni_con\config_tracker.ini to "development" and restarted the the tray/program/server with no effect, though it does show "development" in the server status panel. phpinfo() still shows production values and php.ini is still the production version. something isn't swapping the php.ini file. as long as we're on the subject, it would be cool to name the prod/dev templates "php.production.ini" and "php.development.ini" to retain an "ini" extension and make it easy to double-click edit them with syntax highlighting editors which recognize the .ini extension. the way they're named now, windows has no idea what to do and i dont fancy having to add ".ini_development" to my shell-handled type associations.
  8. just downloaded Coral 8.0 and decided to run a diff on the production vs development .ini files. turned out there were some differences beyond what was expected. i'm attaching a diff report for your viewing/fixing pleasure. couple comments: +1 for the shortened links to the php manual (http://php.net/soap.wsdl-cache-dir rather than http://www.php.net/manual/en/soap.configur...wsdl-cache-dir) they seem to auto-detect/redirect based on the locale from useragent string / ip, etc. the "variables_order" defaults are set inconsistently with the description in the accompanying comment. EGPCS vs GPCS. if the comments are to be believed, they both should read"GPCS". thanks! leon dev_vs_prod.html
  9. has there been any further consideration regarding enabling InnoDB by default? i feel that i provided a workable solution that addresses the outlined roadblock, but got no response http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?s...post&p=9673 InnoDB is in fact what makes MySQL an actual database rather than a glorified data-store.
  10. there are times when i adjust the Apache config, MySQL config, PHP config after running load tests. it's certainly not daily but it does happen a couple times a week as i test different setup combos for various webapps.
  11. sweet. working well so far. i was testing the sync between the menu and the tray menu. noticed that when you click "Start Uniserver" from the tray menu, it auto-kills the regular menu if it's open. one suggestion would be to rename "Menu" to "Panel" or "Config Panel" or "Full Panel". it's strange to call it "menu" since you're already within a context menu. i still think would be useful additions: Start Tray + Start UniServer (autostart server maybe via a unitray config file/option) Stop UniServer + Exit (as a tray menu entry, maybe i can add this myself?) Restart UniServer (as a tray menu entry, maybe i can add this myself?) every day i have the same routine with my portable setup which can be simplified by adding these. routine ---------------------------------------- get to work, plug in portable drive start tray start server code stop server start server (restart) code stop server start server (restart) code stop server exit tray unplug portable drive, leave work ---------------------------------------- thanks! leon
  12. awesome. the Full tray plugin is looking good, though i'd prefer a narrower sidebar maybe a top-bar instead, less distracting i think. Maybe once the plugins are finalized/released i'll see about hacking these into the tray: - (Re)Start Both - (Re)Start Apache - (Re)Start MySQL - Stop Both & Exit - Single-instance status indicator via tray icon using Process Explorer, i noticed a lot more stuff going on during "Stop Both" than previously. it seems to take longer to shut down Coral than Orion for some reason. thanks! leon
  13. yay RC1. but... i only see the basic Unitray plugin uploaded to SF http://sourceforge.net/projects/miniserver...basic_8_0_0.exe bugs found: - when trying to start/stop either Apache or MySQL by clicking on the indicators in the Basic tray (run as program mode), nothing happens. - clicking "stop both" leaves mshta.exe running. - there's still no at-a-glance indication in the tray icon itself which shows that the server is running. you have to go to the tray menu to get to this info, which makes it much less useful. would be much better if it was done as in previous versions, update the tray icon green/red or half green/half red to indicate Apache/MySQL status. Also "restart servers" would be hugely useful, rather than clicking, stop, waiting, then start for each component independently. - every exe start forces you through the UAC prompt, i'm not sure if this can be fixed by signing the exes or whatever is done to avoid this. W7x64 thanks, leon
  14. i think the three versions should come out of closed beta so that it's possible to decide
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