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  1. Vhost is serviced by apache, so it would be wiser to post at least the vhost section in your 'UniServer/usr/local/apache2/conf/httpd.conf' file ...


    Once apanel failed, you may maually check/edit that file for sure ...






    I have a domain name mydom.com hosted in afraid.org which is pointed to my PC with public ip and uniform web server , and every thing is running ok(many thanks for uniformserver developers).

    I want now to create new subdomain called : host1.mydom.com which will be hosted in the same uniform server and pointed to folder /www/floder1 , i created the the vhost via apanel but it is not working , so what is the wrong with that steps, is there any necessary setting in afriad.org domain panel ?


  2. It might be a nice idea to run the scripts under that two folders from within a CMD Prompt ...


    Just read and you may see that "a_diagnostic" is the folder for diagnostic purpose:




    and "alternative_control" for alternative control of services:




    Unless you put your clone under a path with space (U0020) ...





    Thanks. As I said I don't see the unitray in the system tray. What do these 2 folders do?

  3. Unitray "should" appear in the System Tray, with the number of server(s) running, something like a white number on a blue box ...


    Besides, there are two folders to play with yourself, "a_diagnostic" and "alternative_control" ...




    I want to upgrade from Apollo 3.2 to R7 principally to get php upgraded.

    I have loaded the download and turned off the Appollo uniserver, but when I hit the start exe I get the message Unitray created , but it is not showing. Nothing in the logs so I guess the servers never started.

    How should I go about sorting this please.

  4. Well, were it true that "it grabs the first block from the ip as port", the parser might fetch the first "Listen " directive, such that you may swap the two "Listen " rows ...




    Hey out there...


    i got a Problem with moving to a new Server...


    i installed Orion 7.00 clean on Windows server 08 and wanted to set to listen to a specivic ip

    Listen 46.4.xx.xx:80
    Listen 80

    but now when i wanna access the admin Panel it tells




    it seems it grabs the first block from the ip as port. but worked on nano server fine on other machine.

  5. Yep, Carbo and Nano are compiled from the same source base with different VC clones like you mentioned, such that they rely upon different run-times as well ...


    As if the version comparison is kidding in Carbo ;-)


    I can't find a straight answer anywhere...


    I currently have Carbo 6.1.4 but I get the following:

     - Uniform Server Version Check
     - Checking Version...
    A Newer version of the Uniform Server is available!
    New Version: 5.7.4-Nano
    Installed Version: 6.1.4-Carbo
    You can get the newer version from our website by clicking the link below.
    Uniform Server Website

    I was under the impression that Carbo was a VC9 version and Nano was a VC6.


    So, what is the exact differences of these two and when should one be utilized

    over the other?


    Running on Windows 7.

  6. As if another instance of the IP stack priority in Windoze se7en, where IPv6 is preferred over IPv4 ...


    Please refer to either this or that as well as further references, if you like ...


    I am beginning with a clean UniServer Nano5.7.4 and default Joomla 1.5.22 install.


    I changed all of the UniServer security name/password [user01/open4me] combinations and

    set the mySQL password as above. I created my database, joom1, via phpMyAdmin. I then go

    to setup Joomla and get as far as the database configuration screen.


    - Database Type: mySQL

    - Host Name: localhost [and tried]

    - Username: user01

    - Password: open4me

    - Database Name: joom1


    At that point, I get the following error upon attempting to submit my configuration choices.


    Error: Could not connect to the database.

    • Connector returned number: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL

    Any ideas as to what the issue may be? Did I miss anything?




    ================== UNIFORM SERVER STATUS ==================
    Your Internet IP Address = ###.###.###.###
    Accessible from Internet = NO
    Cron run status		  = Not running
    PHP INI: php.ini file	= Production
      Apache port			= 80
      Apache SSL port		= 443
      Apache executable name = Apache.exe
      Apache service name	= ApacheS1
      Apache SSL server	  = Enabled
      Apache run status	  = Running
      Apache install status  = Installed as a standard program
      MySQL port			 = 3306
      MySQL executable name  = mysqld-opt.exe
      MySQL service name	 = MySQLS1
      MySQL run status	   = Running
      MySQL install status   = Installed as a standard program
      Apache port	 = 80 In use by this server
      Apache SSL port = 443 In use by this server
      MySQL port	  = 3306 In use by this server
    Press any key to continue . . .

  7. Start with clicking on "Start" --> "All Programs" --> "Accessories" --> "Command Prompt", then you would know what to do after seriously RTFM ;-)


    hi all,


    i dont seem able to get the MySQL_start.bat to fire up. when i double click it the cmd prompt flashes up but then closes and i cant seen any error messages etc.


    where should i start with this? thanks


    my system:

    Windows xp home sp3, net book.

    installed on pen drive D:\Mini_Server_11

  8. Just do "click on it from the system tray blue box" with your mouse, not just but "want" with your head ;-)


    Scenario: I just booted my new PC, got into Windows 7, downloaded and extracted UniServer Nano (to a path with no spaces), started it, and I want Apache MySQL to start when I click on it from the system tray blue box.


    Question: what must I do for Apache MySQL to start? How do I test it?


    If this is answered somewhere else, I'd appreciate knowing where.

  9. That wiki page might be a little bit out-of-fashion ;-)


    You may the 'UniServer 5.7.2_5217-Nano' in this post, if you prefer PHP 5.2 ;-)


    Hello everyone

    I intend to use uniform as a production server, only that I need to stick with the latest php 5.2 version, mainly for drupal, lookin at "http://wiki.uniformserver.com/index.php/5.3-Nano:_Introduction"

    it seems that uniform 5.6b is the right one to choose.


    I'm just wondering if I need ( and if it's possible and needed to ) update Apache & Mysql server knowin that they are not at their latest versions for a production server (windows 2008 server)



  10. But obviously you get everything provided by US out-of-the-box on a Linux box, and with a rolling released distro like either Gentoo or Arch, you get automatically upgraded, right ;-)


    Hey guys,


    This post seems to be old but I would like to join those wishing a Uniform Server for Linux.

    I abandoned Windows several years ago and I have no intention to use it so far.

    But there are pieces of software that are really good like your Uniform Server.



  11. It states clear "Failed opening required" file, such that you should manually check that before fire up ;-)


    Pay attention to filesystem integrity, permissions, mappings, et cetera ...


    Hi guys,

    for some of my pages I get a 500 error, when checking the error log I see a lot of this:


    [Mon Feb 28 17:02:44 2011] [error] [client] PHP Warning:  Unknown: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0, referer: http://mydomain.com/subdir
    [Mon Feb 28 17:02:44 2011] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Unknown: Failed opening required 'D:/UniServer/www/subdir/subdir2/index.html' (include_path='.;D:/UniServer/usr/local/php/includes;D:/UniServer/usr/local/php/pear;D:/UniServer/home/admin/www/plugins/pear/PEAR') in Unknown on line 0, referer: http://mydomain.com/subdir


    This seems to happen only for some pages, from a VERY basic html page to some pages which include minimal PHP functions. Again this only seems to happen for some pages, not all pages within my site... I'm stumped, any help would be great!

  12. Anyhow, you know what it means ;-)


    Just installed US nano 5.7.1 and found that the development version if php.in is spelled 'php.ini_delvelopment_nano'. (php.ini_development_nano???). :)

    It's a minor point but if your batch file attempts to write to this file, or you use php to do file editing, it will fail unless the name is misspelled in both places...


  13. It might indicate that something lost during your installation, due to instability of your OS or somewhere in a silent way, if you are sure of key parts intact ...


    I would recommend to install into another folder such that you have two copies to compare ...


    Ok so I just 'installed' the latest version and I find that clicking the link to phpmyadmin does nothing.


    I then went and looked around a bit not really knowing what im doing. And I find that the etc/phpmyadmin is empty


    what do i need to copy here if anything ? my old install has files in here but i would think im not doing this right...


    any help greatly appreciated



    edit:ok i found that i cannot access due to issue by browsing http://localhost/apanel/phpMyAdmin/


    #1045 - Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

  14. You may try the mysql client in CMD prompt first, to see if the mysqlclient side works well ...


    If you use the default settings in 'mysql/my.ini', you may look into folders 'mysql/data/' to see if there's something wrong ;-)


    Clean Install.

    when running phpMyAdmin I cannot create a database using the UI nor SQL etc.

    It does give me a green message that it was created, but there is none.


    Is there some file perms I can check etc ? Really cant find anything on google.

    Thanks - I have taken a few hours just to get this far since upgrading. :)

  15. Things to check besides reference to this post and links inside it -


    1. Restart Apache httpd (or even restart Windoze if you like the idea of closing all windows): the change of 'VirtualHost' directive requires this to be acknowledged;

    2. Check to be sure those dirs for 'VirtualHost' exist and accessible (e.g., from a CMD prompt or so): Apache may ignore inaccessible dir on service;

    3. Check to be sure the names resolved to your server IP address(es): for clients outsides you may need to tweak the DNS records for that to work;

    4. Monitor the log files to see what's up (or even clear logs before a new test): generally speaking, the default localhost root is the last to service, so you have to try to find where to fix;

    5. Tell us more if you still fail ;-)


    We have 3 vhost and only 2 of the 3 will work the other will not.




    www.soldiersnetworks.com (this one is not working)


    Srv PID Acc M SS Req Conn Child Slot Client VHost Request

    0-0 1628 0/12/12 _ 281 0 0.0 0.15 0.15 localhost GET /server-status HTTP/1.1

    0-0 1628 0/15/15 _ 285 1312 0.0 0.08 0.08 localhost GET /apanel/navigation.php HTTP/1.1

    0-0 1628 0/24/24 _ 152 15 0.0 0.12 0.12 localhost GET /server-status HTTP/1.1

    0-0 1628 0/18/18 _ 401 250 0.0 0.07 0.07 www.sunshinestatedates.com GET /templates/base/images/icons/more.png HTTP/1.1

    0-0 1628 0/52/52 W 0 0 0.0 0.13 0.13 localhost GET /server-status HTTP/1.1

    0-0 1628 0/53/53 _ 24 171 0.0 0.13 0.13 www.sunshinestatedates.com GET /modules/?r=shoutbox/get_messages/0&_r=0.07791362154840331

    0-0 1628 0/2/2 _ 386 62 0.0 0.00 0.00 www.sunshinestatedates.com GET / HTTP/1.1


    as you can see the soldiersnetworks.com is not working and I even reboot the computer itself and it still is not seeing it at all. When I try to go to soldiersnetworks.com it takes me to the localhost root web.


    Here is how it looks in the conf file.


    ##########VIRTUAL HOST SETUP##########
    <VirtualHost *>
    ServerName www.sunshinestatedates.com
    ServerAlias sunshinestatedates.com
    DocumentRoot /UniServer/www/sunshinestatedates
    ##########VIRTUAL HOST SETUP##########
    <VirtualHost *>
    ServerName www.soldiersnetworks.com
    ServerAlias soldiersnetwork.com
    DocumentRoot /UniServer/www/soldiersnetworks


    Any help appreciated because I am not able to get the www.soldiersnetworks.com to work at all.

  16. Funny but vista might be the closest to se7en, I think ...


    When registering i get to choose a 'Main OS'


    I picked 'Windows 95', because my current windows version is not listed...... :)


    maybe the server admin can add 'Windows 7' to this list?

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