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  1. The reason why I ask is I am on Dial-up because i am in a rural area in california and that is all I can afford I can't do Satellite internet and there is no WiMAX,4G,or DSL available. I can only do big downloads through my phone which is a Boost Incoginto and I tried downloading uniserver through sourceforge and it trys to download but when I download it comes out 1KB. Downloading 17+MBs on Dial-up takes along time and becomes unstable. I mainly need the web server for my LAN. Also basicly all the site that link to the uniform server download link it back to the sourceforge download. I am using UC Browser and Opera Mini. Also I can't tether my phone to my computer and get the web from it. Also I will say this I hate being on Dial-up with the internet today because every thing need broadband. because there is ways to direct link it there is dropbox.
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