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  1. Hello, The solution for these sounded easy to me to avoid spaces : to use short-file-names instead of the rwa file-names. But I guess you thought about it too and that there is some more reasons to keep it like that. We found the error message in new_start.c, so we managed to replace the GetCurrentDirectory line by GetCurrentDirectory(MAX_PATH,spaceWorkingDir); // current required to build paths GetShortPathName(spaceWorkingDir, curWorkingDir, MAX_PATH); Of course, we can check if there are space not to make it if not needed. Though, I compiled new_start but didn't know what to do with it : there is no new_start.exe nowhere in the uniform server structure and the file size doesn't fit anything (I guess I built in debug mode or sth ?) If really the error message appears in another place, how can I find it ? Szia
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