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  1. is there any way to start the server with out the cmd control panel coming up? thanks, megan
  2. Hi - the home folder is just for server admin. look for diskw\www\ THIS other www is the actual webroot. If you make a folder named mark inside diskw\www\ (diskw\www\mark\) and then put a simple index.html file in there saying "hello world" and then start the server and navigate with your browser to http://localhost/mark you should see your "hello world" message. hth ~megan
  3. Hello - has anyone gotten Uniform Server to run on a CD and if so, how was this accomplished?? thanks, megan
  4. OK, just wanted to post that a tutorial with instructions for intalling the IgniteFusion CFML engine http://www.ignitefusion.com/ on Universal Server and connecting to Access or MySQL Database can be found at http://tutorial453.easycfm.com/ This is also posted in the Uniform Server Wike thanks, megan
  5. Hello again - after a little while of trial and error I am able to get dsn-less connection to mysql for use with ignitefusion. ini files are a little different than what I posted. I will make the wiki article and after it is posted I will come back here and post a link to that - I am feeling very happy right now. megan
  6. I asked someone who knows some stuff about servers and he said I could try this command in the server_start.bat regedit /S install.ini the /S is supposed to make it a silent install to prevent a popup, but I don't know where or how to implement this command in the server_start.bat and how to make it so the install.ini is found. (I am just a person who writes cf, not a real tech) can you give me some direction? thanks, megan
  7. Hello - I changed the Server_Start.bat so that it automatically starts MySQL when the server starts. My question is this, when I use stop.bat to stop the uniformserver, does mySQL stop also, or is there some command I need to add to the stop.bat file to stop mySQL ??? thanks, megan
  8. OK - I've been looking into topic of odbc drivers for mysql so I can make a dsn-less connection string to the mysql database for ignitefusion one way I found was to use myodbc and install and uninstall the ODBC drivers on startup and shutdown. so if I put a folder called myodbc like so: usr\local\myodbc\ and the folder contained all the necessary myodbc .dll, .lib etc files and inside that same folder was an install.ini and an uninstall.ini install.ini --------------------- [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBCINST.INI\ODBC Drivers] MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver=string:Installed [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBCINST.INI\MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver] UsageCount=dword:1 Driver=string:\usr\local\myodbc\myodbc3.dll Setup=string:\usr\local\myodbc\myodbc3S.dll uninstall.ini ------------------------------ [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBCINST.INI\ODBC Drivers] MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver =- [-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBCINST.INI\MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver] ------------------------ here is my question how do I execute install.ini on server startup and uninstall.ini on shutdown ??? thank you, megan
  9. thanks for the reply - I will keep poking about and if I find a solution, will post back here what I find out. ~megan
  10. Sure - I'll take a look at the example and then post the ignitefusion info ~megan
  11. Ok - I am stuck and hoping some here can help - IgniteFusion does not support dsn-less connection to MySQL. In order for DSN-less connection to MYSQL to work, myodbc or some sort of odbc driver has to be installed. How would I do this, put myodbc drivers or ?? as part of the apache server or? so I can call the driver like so: thanks, megan
  12. sittingrage over at the ignitefusion.com forums gave me the answer here is what to do to get if/cfml running on Uniform Server made "if" folder in user/local/ ( "/usr/local/if/ ) put ignitedb.exe inside /if/ then modified the httpd.conf like so: #ignite stuff ----START --- #create virtual directory to point to the directory where IgniteDB.exe exists ScriptAlias /if/ "/usr/local/if/" #Add extensions associations AddType application/x-httpd-ignitedb .ign .cfm .cfml #Tie extensions to executable Action application/x-httpd-ignitedb "/if/ignitedb.exe" #ignite stuff ---- END --- worked like a charm regards, megan
  13. I'd like to try and get coldfusion going on universal server in the form of IgniteFusion ( http://www.ignitefusion.com/ ) I am really just someone who juse writes cf code, not a server admin at all, here is what I did, but it is not working and if someone could give me some suggestions I would love it in diskw\usr\local I made a folder (coldfusion) like so diskw\usr\local\coldfusion\ in the coldfusion folder I put the ignitedb.exe in the httpd.conf I added AddType application/x-httpd-ignitedb .ign AddType application/x-httpd-ignitedb .cfm so it now looks like: Options Indexes Includes AllowOverride All AddType application/x-httpd-php .phtml .php3 .php AddType Application/x-httpd-php-source .phps AddType application/x-httpd-ignitedb .ign AddType application/x-httpd-ignitedb .cfm I then tried to add ignite fusion as a cgi module ScriptAlias "/__cfm_dir__/" "/usr/local/coldfusion/" Action application/x-httpd-ignitedb "/__cfm_dir__/igintedb.exe" when I save the file and restarted the server and went to sample.cfm which was in the www (diskw\www\) nothing, and when I started the ignitedb.exe by clicking on it and tried again - still nothing - by that I mean a The page cannot be found - not even a page showing the unprocessed code even tho the file is really there. when I rename sample.cfm to sample.html, the server finds it, but when it is sample.cfm, it cannot be found. That's all the info I have at the moment - any advice you might send my way would be appreciated. thanks, megan
  14. OK - the problem is resolved - I forgot I had Skype running and it was blocking port 80 - thanks again for all your hard work, megan
  15. Hello - I am new to uniform server but very happy to have found it. I unpacked the server - started it with server_start.bat - the server started, the browser opened - for very brief moment I saw the purple page and then I am at a 404 not found. I tried stoping the server and then starting it again serveral times but always the same result. could you please advise (I am eager to try your server) I am on windows xp pro sp1 - thank you, megan
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