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  1. you're looking for the UniCenter - once there just click the sitemap link to browse all the info available (there is a LOT!) hth ~megan
  2. megan

    Wiki is down!

    Hi Ric - I just went to check it out and tried to access the "Main Page" at http://wiki.uniformserver.com/Main_Page and got the following error: Database error From The Uniform Server Wiki Jump to: navigation, search A database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. The last attempted database query was: (SQL query hidden) from within function "Job::pop". MySQL returned error "1017: Can't find file: 'job' (errno: 2) (localhost)". (just posting to add a little more info), Megan
  3. So I have to ask - how much does a device like this cost ??? thanks, Megan
  4. megan


    Ric - Thank you!!! so very much - as to why a user would want it - I want to be able to create some "demo" apps to distribute on CD - also have a couple other quirky "CD" ideas Wow! I can hardly wait to try this out Thank you again, I am Totally appreciative
  5. megan


    HI - I just wanted to go on record as saying I LOVE Unicenter. All your hard work has been just so very helpful to me - I can write coldfusion code, but I am not anywhere near being a "tech" ;P & If I have trouble finding something at the unicenter I just go to the sitemap. I haven't posted anything here in the forum in a long time because 1. I've been up to my eyebrows in alligators in work, 2. I have been awaiting the release of 3.5 and 3. I haven't had anything worthwhile to contribute. The one thing I have been hoping to see is a tutorial or version I could run off of a CD (where maybe mysql would right its data file to c:\temp or ???) - I could work this out myself (with much mistake making and anquish) but just have had so much going on in both my work life and personal life that I keep putting that off. Anyway - in conclusion - Thank you! for Unicenter - It is a treasure trove of much needed info. Megan
  6. I'm a coldfusion programmer and know nothing of php, but have you tried styling your output using css and the span tag - you know, create a special class in your style sheet that sets font-family, alignment, size, color etc, and then use span class=myclass around the dots ??? hth ~megan
  7. Do you mean not show it inside the form field (just show dots or stars instead)? if that is it then just set your form field type to type="password" hth ~megan
  8. Maybe everyone already know this, but I ran across a tutorial featuring Uniform Server The absolute newbie guide to setting up a cake development environment and building a cake app Link: http://wiki.cakephp.org/tutorials:beginners_only hth ~Megan
  9. yes IIS is on port 80 If port 80 is already taken - If there is already a webserver active on port 80 you can switch uniform server to another port, for example 81. To exchange :80 for :81, edit Listen and ServerName settings in the httpd.conf file. hth ~megan
  10. Do You have something else running on port 80 (like skype or ???) This happened to me the first time I tried to run the server and it was because of skype running in the background using port 80 hth ~megan
  11. Hi - from what you describe, it seems like "something" is running on port 80 even if you closed down everything you know of - did you try opening the Command Prompt window and checking to see if something was running on port 80? I think the code is: netstat -an | find /I "LISTENING" | find ":80" for more info on netstt go to http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documen...t.mspx?mfr=true the mysql config file (that I know of) is in diskw\usr\local\mysql\bin\my-small.cnf is this the one you can't find there??? in it you will see that the port used is 3306 - you say you get warnings - what kind of warnings? are they windows warnings? myphpadmin warnings??? thanks megan (not an expert but willing to help)
  12. OK - in order to do what you want you will need to store usernames and passwords in the database and then you will need to use a scripting language such as PHP (already part of the uniform server setup) to interact with the database So you will have to learn about MySQL and about PHP You can learn about MySQL by going to http://www.tqnyc.org/tutorial/mysql/index.php You can get started learning PHP by going here http://www.tizag.com/phpT/ there are lots of other places that offer tutorials on mysql and php - you can use google to find them Like This This One also looks good hope that helps, megan
  13. Hi - I haven't tried this yet (up to my ears in other work) but the next thing I am going to try is having all log files etc that must be written to, be written to C:\WINDOWS\Temp - if you try this and it works, would you post back and let us know? thanks, megan
  14. Hi, if I am understanding your question, the Uniform Servers MySql Config File can usually be found at diskw\usr\local\mysql\bin\my-small.cnf hth ~megan
  15. Hello - I know nothing of Joomla, however to start mysql on server startup without having to go to the admin, open Server_Start.bat (original unchanged file) and about line 28 remove the IF statement from 'IF "%2"=="mysql" start \usr\local\mysql\bin\mysqld-opt.exe --defaults-file=/usr/local/mysql/bin/my-small.cnf' so that it reads: start \usr\local\mysql\bin\mysqld-opt.exe --defaults-file=/usr/local/mysql/bin/my-small.cnf as for the problem with the looping redirect you can fix that, just open diskw\home\admin\www\refresh.html in a text editor. get rid of the javascript redirect and add the following code to the document head: (you may have to play with the time delay interval ). You might also want to add a little "Starting Servers..., Please Wait..." message to the content area. hth ~megan
  16. megan

    change ports??

    You can switch uniform server to another port (exchanging :80 for :800) by editing Listen and ServerName settings in the httpd.conf file. hth ~megan
  17. ok then if it is not simple and straightforward you will need one of the more knowledgeable people to help you - the only other thing I can think of is when the new package was installed it would have the default password & user id for mysql and if you are using different login and password, you would have to change the defaults to those. I only thought you didn't know about the new apanel url because you did not mention it in your post sorry not to be more help, megan
  18. Hello - in version 3.3 you go to uniform server new admin panel by going to localhost/apanel/ and then in the left menu you should be able to turn on mysql and your scripts should then be able to connect. hth ~ megan
  19. Hi yes it is normal for the cmd console/panel to show when you start up - if you do not want it to show you will have to edit the Server_Start.bat by adding a /b in the start commands example: start /b diskw/home/admin/program/uniserv.exe.... hth ~megan
  20. Thanks! for the reply - can I "turn them off" simply by commenting out that line with a # ?? thanks again, megan
  21. ok - I am assuming one of the difficulties in getting uniform server going on cd is that Apache writes to log files and whatnot - can anyone tell me what files are written by what in uniform server and if there is anyway to turn of any of the log file or other file writing ??? thanks, megan
  22. Do you have something else already using port 80 - something like Skype? or another webserver? also the url for going to the admin panel in 3.3 is http://localhost/apanel/ (be sure to include that last trailing slash)
  23. Hi - My husband had this happen on his box too. This worked for him: go to diskw\home\admin\www\ and open refresh.html in a TEXT editor Get rid of the javascript redirect script add this line to the head (be sure to include that last trailing slash) save - start up server and try again. let me know how it goes
  24. I just found the answer - use /b example: start /b
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