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  1. I agree. XAMPP is huuuugeeee in size. I also look forward to uniform server in linux. (I use ubuntu, puppy linux...) I am writing a book on PHP which is in Bangla Language. I recommended uniserver for practice.
  2. Adnan


    What does WMI do? (Sorry, can't download and use 6.0.1 carbo because i have a slow connection.)
  3. THanks Ric! it worked!! [ EDIT: I have a question: how do I install a pear package? I have installed PEAR_Frontend_Gtk2, would it help me? ] Now let me describe exactly what I did to install PEAR on my uniserver 5.1 nano for others who may have the same problem. First, downloaded the new go_pear.php from here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/miniserver..._2.zip/download Then.... 1. I went to: \home\admin\www\plugins\pear 2. Zipped the old go_pear.php (for backup) 3. Replaced the new one. 4. Went to apanel 5. Clicked on "Install Pear" from left menu 6. clicked "next >>", checked "PEAR_Frontend_Gtk2", clicked install
  4. I have tried to install PEAR in 5.1-nano but it failed. especially the dos command part. there is no w: drive in new uniserver!!
  5. I used Uniserver 3.5 Apollo for many years. Recently updated to Uniserver 5.1 nano I have noticed that unitray shows a message at start everytime i access start.exe I have read the message and don't want to see it everytime i want to start server. Is there any way to stop showing this msg? Thanks in advance.
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