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  1. Yes that solved it perfectly. Thanks Ric !!! is it a DNS issue or something ?
  2. Sorry I did mean to say my config.php, which loads functions.php but also has all the settings in it for Database server, so I'll change from localhost to now and that should sort it. Thanks.
  3. Hi all, Simple enough query here, I moved from 4.2 on Windows XP to Uniform server 5.5 when I installed Windows 7 this week. When I try to use my PHP/MySQL page it just consantly says loading, but when I use 4.2 on Windows 7 it works fine, I'd like to upgrade - can anybody tell me what's happening here. Oh , normal pages and directories seem to load no problem at all, but two of my sites that I was working on won't load at all. the browser just says "waiting for localhost" Simple PHP code like this works fine: <?php echo 5+6; ?> but I tried to include my functions.php and it took something like 60 seconds to fully load the page. am I doing something wrong here??
  4. Thanks Ric... I'll try that.
  5. Nope sorry . "Page cannot be displayed" - Cannot find server or DNS Error
  6. Hi all.. I know all that info was for 3.5 but I tried changing the info in all the same files on US 3.3 and it seems to have worked except for one thing: I can't get into apanel using http://localhost/apanel/ or the reason I'm not using 3.5 is that it imports my .sql files differently ( imports £ as ? ) and I don't want to have to rewrite my PHP for my entire project... it's strange because http://localhost/apanel/phpmyadmin works fine. can anybody help as it's probably something very simple [edit]oh yeah, I forgot to say that I've tried this on 3.5 and it worked a treat... but as I said before 3.5 is not for me[/edit]
  7. I just went with Simpleauth for this type of thing and custom built my PHP around it. I even added md5 encryption! It was so easy to change a line here or there it just had the perfect basics for anyone who has an idea of mySQL and PHP.
  8. It's strange, I never really use IRC (even though I'm a computer technician and live on my PC) - I must give it a go. Thanks
  9. nope. what's the server address?
  10. ok I'm getting further in my project but still stumped by this LDAP . now I'm a bit of a n00b in this area so bear with me. Now, I have the way my Domain is setup below: For obvious reasons, I've renamed the domain and removed some of the containers or whatever they're called. Anyway, here's my code <?php $dn = "OU=Users,DN=blah,DN=yah,DN=yakety,DN=ie"; $attributes = array("displayname", "l"); $filter = "(cn=*)"; $ad = ldap_connect("ldap://mydomaincontroller") or die("Couldn't connect to AD!"); ldap_set_option($ad, LDAP_OPT_PROTOCOL_VERSION, 3); $bd = ldap_bind($ad,"myusername@blah.yah.yakety.ie","mypassword") or die("Couldn't bind to AD!"); $result = ldap_search($ad, $dn, $filter, $attributes); $entries = ldap_get_entries($ad, $result); for ($i=0; $i<$entries["count"]; $i++) { echo $entries[$i]["displayname"] [0]."(".$entries[$i]["l"][0].")<br />"; } ldap_unbind($ad); ?> and all I get is: Warning: ldap_search() [function.ldap-search]: Search: Operations error in W:\www\ad3.php on line 17 Warning: ldap_get_entries(): supplied argument is not a valid ldap result resource in W:\www\ad3.php on line 19 Can anybody please help me? I just need a basic example to show me how to interface with my AD - I'm nearly there I can almost taste it! I've also tried $dn = "OU=Users,DN=blah,DN=yah,DN=yakety,DN=ie"; $dn = "cn=Users,DN=blah,DN=yah,DN=yakety,DN=ie"; $dn = "DN=blah,DN=yah,DN=yakety,DN=ie"; $dn = "OU=Users,DC=blah,DC=yah,DC=yakety,DC=ie"; and none of these seem to work!!! What am I doing wrong? I'm sure that it's connecting to the server because when I tried with the wrong password it said incorrect credentials or something. PLEASE HELP!!!!! P.S. I know this is no longer a uniform server issue but I just hope somebody here can help me...
  11. Thanks again for all your help. I'll keep you guys posted on my results.
  12. OK I cannot get the proper php_ldap.dll I can get the one for PHP version 5.1.2 from PHP website but not for 5.1.1 (in version 3.3 of uniformserver) does anyone have a copy of PHP 5.1.1 that I could download? PLEASE PLEASE this would help my work so much.....
  13. just found out that I need to download the correct Dll version because I have two PHP folders unfortunately and the php_ldap.dll from my non - uniformserver doesn't work so I'll have to download the correct one I presume but this is no big deal.
  14. I just checked the PHP manual on http://www.php.net/manual/en/install.windows.extensions.php and found you are correct. I will see how I get on and if there are any further problems I will post them up here.
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