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  1. Hi there, I've recently tryed out the new 'Coral' version. But everytime I try to start the server I get a system beep for some unknown reason and everything goes funny. For example, MySQL may start, but not Apache etc. Even changing the default MySQL root password doesn't even finish successfully. Then the control panel hangs and doesn't seem to know what's happening. In the end I have to restart the system. I have gone back to version 7.1.15 which I might add was alot simplier and WORKED well, but the trouble is I can no longer keep up-to-date. On a side note, can't we just have 2 versions running side by side, Orion and Coral, that way we can all use the one we prefer? Thanks Ninko
  2. Same here! I couldn't even start the server without it crashing and going haywire. Ninko
  3. Hi there, I'm trying to send mail using msmtp but no matter what I do all I get is the following error message in the log file: errormsg='network read error: Connection reset by peer' exitcode=EX_IOERR What does this error actually mean? Thanks Ninko
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