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  1. I learned that you can install US on WHS...make sure you add to firewall and install services... Hope that helps someone out.
  2. Thanks Ric! I did a Apache syntax check and nothing out of the ordinary? I reset everything in the Apache files...checked Wordpress files, checked Sql dB's and nothing. So, I started fresh...installed all services, installed WordPress, and forum. Imported dB's and all went well. Everything works fine now? Can't figure out why but, the only thing I can think of is that I missed something looking at the settings...but I did move it to WHS (Win Home Server) and don't know if there was some kind of setting that was not able to change somewhere... I do know that I changed the permissions when I installed a clean server, and added Apache and MySql to the firewall. Anyway, I did get it finally...either way, I learned a lot moving, removing, installing, uninstalling, ect... thanks for your knowledge!
  3. Hello, I have been trying to move Uniform Server from one computer to another and I can't seem to get it right. I turned on live where i have it now and it works fine but moving it would not work. Is there a tutorial that I can refer to in moving the Uniform Server? I searched and couldn't find anything. I thought I seen one on how and what to convert to absolute paths and not relative paths, but not sure... Can anyone help? Thanks!
  4. Can you tell me, how to convert the config.conf file? I tried moving the server to another computer (Home server) and I did not get it to work? If I leave it where i have it now and allow it, it works fine Live. Is there a tutorial that I can refer to in moving the Uniform Server? Thanks!
  5. Awesome... thanks for the reply. hey, just as a question. I posted that I wanted to use US on Win Home Server and no responses. hmm... Anyway i am going to try it. do you know the exact file(s) I can add to run as a service in case these do not get added like the instructions indicate? I am pretty sure there are two files but want to make sure.
  6. hello, I have Nano and getting ready to go live. I finally got everything working just the way I want it. Question though? I have the Nano and not Apollo. Looking at some going live instructions I see them all for Apollo...should I have used this version? Also, where can I get the going live with Nano instructions if this is OK? Thanks!
  7. Thanks Ric... Thank you for replying... Have a great Day/evening!
  8. Hello Ric, I love these tutorials... Question for you or anyone else... Why do you need a Hosts file? If my httpd.conf file for Apache reads for localhost, doesn't it circle to itself. I was testing this and I added a "real world address" in Apanel and it does circle to local machine and not my real world address for my website which is hosted with TZO. Also, could I take my settings from my production Apache conf file and add them to this one for UniServer? Why? Because I use "ServerAlias" in my file now with several ways I want it to look for...with www and without www, ect. I also have different doc roots for each domain. I tried manually adding and I get errors.
  9. hello, I see what you are saying...indeed having two different IP's would be optimal, but I am working from home and purchasing 2 servers and getting 2 static IP's is a little expensive for me here. I have a small business and a home site (home site mainly for family overseas). If there is a cheaper way for this, I don't know as I am doing everything on my own and I hire no one, so I have to learn everything on my own... Let me know if you know of a cheap way of doing this... Thanks!
  10. Ahh...I see. I will check this out right away. I think I will uninstall everything first and start over. I have some things setup already but easy to reinstall. Getting a folder setup with all the plugins ready for live use. Thanks for the reply! I will write if this doesn't work.
  11. hello, I installed Uniform Server, and finally got WordPress working... That works perfectly, thanks to all who helped me there... Question. I actually host 2 live domains from my server. Currently Uniform Server is only for testing. How can I install 2 seperate Wordpress Blogs? One for Each Domain? Is this possible? I do see how to setup virtual hosts within Uniform Server...but currently I have just Apache and I have the domains on different htdocs locations on my server: example: //server/web1/htdocs and //server/web2/htdocs I also have my log files seperated. How can I install wordpress for each domain? Currently I understand that I setup in www/wordpress structure. I tried testing under adding a Vhost but that came up as the same wordpress blog... I certainly appreciate any nad all help...Thanks in advance.
  12. hello, I changed the IP from localhost. I also noticed that when i downloaded from the uniform server webiste the wordpress (plugins) it gave me install instructions and that seemed to work much better... Either way worked great...
  13. hello, I am trying to install wordpress... I followed the instructions exactly like the Wiki page and all I get is that it can't logon to the dB, the server may not be running, ect. I did change all my passwords in the beginning to make it secure... I added a dB called wordpress made sure the user was: root pass: root host: localhost I do use the link: http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php I also added a user and password and changed the wp-config.php to match. Still same as above: can't logon to dB, ect. What should I do? I am using Vista (32bit) just for testing before I go into production. Has anyone had any similar problems? I searched the forum but none with the same issue...and other issues I don't see resolved? hmmm... Can anyone give me a clue what I should do next? Not very savy in this so need help...
  14. Hello, I currently have Apache installed on my Win HomeServer from HP and all is great...but now as I am getting more requests from my business I need to expand the website capabilities... I would Like to install Uniform Server. Does anyone know if this will work for this version? Also, I have tried to search the website for more install instructions as I am not very savy in this world. Thanks!
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