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  1. Just to add that I'd previously always run the servers as an app; I've now got them running OK as a service after realising I needed to run the menu as Admin. However, the Server Status report still shows the same "undefined!" values.
  2. I can no longer start my servers from the UniTray menu. I've installed a few apps over the last few days, which may well be connected, although I've just rolled back to a previous Restore Point to try and mitigate this. This is what Server Status shows: ================== UNIFORM SERVER STATUS ================== Your Internet IP Address = [redacted] Accessible from Internet = NO Cron run status = Not running PHP INI: php.ini file = Production APACHE SERVER: Apache port = 80 Apache SSL port = 443 Apache executable name = Apache.exe Apache service name = ApacheS1 Apache SSL server = Disabled Apache run status = Not running Apache install status = Undefined! MySQL SERVER: MySQL port = 3306 MySQL executable name = mysqld-opt.exe MySQL service name = MySQLS1 MySQL run status = Not running MySQL install status = Undefined! PORT STATUS: Apache port = 80 Undefined! Apache SSL port = 443 Undefined! MySQL port = 3306 Undefined! == My hosts respond to ping etc. Skype is not running. Uniform Server 5.6.3 on Windows 7. Any ideas?
  3. Isn't this behaviour a change from version 4 to 5 though? If so, shouldn't the Wiki page mention that?
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