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  1. Hey Jack, I'm running all of my Coranto testversions without issue on Orion 7.1.2I never upgraded beyond that because it is working fine with ActivePerl.
  2. Are your running as Administrator? Have you tried disabling UAC in XP?
  3. They all all appear to be forum spambots, not to worry.
  4. EDIT: Never mind, I had edited .htaccess incorrectly, just plain sloppy. Same issue here, am trying to access the server using the IPV4 network address ( Works from nowhere, not even the local machine. I know this worked a year ago (earlier version), so I am overlooking something simple. Using the latest O-7.1.2
  5. The overhead of leaving the server on all the time is so low I wouldn't bother with it. However, you could put a link to Stop_Server.bat on your desktop.
  6. I was able to get Python going on UniServer 5.6.6Install ActivePython 2.5 to [driveletter]:\UniServer\usr\bin\Python25 Remember the Windows backslashes. Install mod_python for 2.5 and point it to your Apache folder Insert the line LoadModule python_module modules/mod_python.so in httpd.conf Set script shebang #!/Uniserver/usr/bin/Python25/python Running feedvalidator from the /www directory works great (CSS doesn't work from the cgi-bin). Good idea to add lines like this to .htaccess (all your virtual host names): Allow from localhost:80 Allow from localhost Allow from server That way if a Python script calls an image or something with a query string the server will allow it.
  7. I've used Apollo 3.5 for about three years to do Perl development (as a hobby). Today I decided to try Nano 5.6.6, and ran across some interesting niggles regarding path-to-perl handling: -- I think it is fine to leave the perl libs out of the new release, but a little readme in the /usr folder giving a url to the download would be helpful. -- Apollo recognizes the generic /usr/bin/perl path. Nano doesn't; it needs /UniServer/usr/bin/perl which is localized. Problem: Someone used to uploading to CVS straight from Uniform Server is going to get a lot of complaints if one doesn't remember to go through the scripts and edit the shebangs. Can Nano be told to accept the generic path? -- The shebang fixer in the new version is a nice touch, but it is too hungry. It must match #! only at the beginning of a string. For instance, a perl script might contain a conditional that begins like if (/^#! ([A-Z]+) (.+)/) {but the shebang fixer changes it to if (/^#!G:/UniServer/usr/bin/perl.exe which of course throws an exception next time the sub is loaded. -- As a courtesy, Nano should save an original copy of any file it changes. I like the new version and interface. Lots of improvements and new looks.
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