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  1. I get this error: ForbiddenYou don't have permission to access / on this server. I want to use the same directory for the http and https; I have a custom path in conf-hosts and I would like to be the same for https alse. Thank You!
  2. Just putting it out there. There are not that many options now for Android. An AAMP package easy to use like Uniform Server will be something.
  3. What am I missing? I can only find 8.5.4 for download.
  4. When you open uni_tray and there is not really a logic after, but it keep opening us_hta_delay.vbs inside being the text "wscript.sleep WScript.Arguments(0)". I have also a suspicion that this happens only on slow machines as this one I'm typing now(eeepc). While this makes it to practice how to close a window in my case notepad++ and the program opening the file again, and this can be fun for some people, i'll prefer to not do this. If this is possible. Thanks
  5. So how to have InnoDB Storage Engine in Uniform Server? I guess I have to download the archive package from mysql.com end extract some file somewhere in UniServer\usr\local\mysql\ directory. I need some help with the steps that I have to follow. Thanks! EDIT: Found the answer: http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?showtopic=1344 I previously searched the forum and did not find that post, but I found it on google. By the way this how you do it, a little different then that post: Open this file: UniServer\usr\local\mysql\my.ini Search for and replace: # Note: The innodb block is enabled/disabled using a single line # Uncomment the next line to disable innodb tables. Comment line to enable innodb tables skip-innodb With: # Note: The innodb block is enabled/disabled using a single line # Uncomment the next line to disable innodb tables. Comment line to enable innodb tables #skip-innodb
  6. That sounds good to me. One question: What is the recommended way to install a new version? I never just overwrite the old build with a new one. I made a file settings.txt in witch I write every modification that i make in UniServer that I know In will need to have in a new version of UniServer. Feature request: Maybe an export(to a file/archive/directory?) and import settings option? Even better import setting from an older installation. Something like, stop the server for the older version, start the new version from the Z-con , first pops up a dialog witch asks you to import setting from the old version (by browsing its root directory), or just as it is now (asks you to insert some password or not). In my case for now i would be interested in importing what is in Admin Virtual Host/httpd.conf, php.ini, mysql databases, the passwords, also to copy some files like xdebug, directories like etc, www(although i always use virtual host to point to my projects somewhere on the disk)...
  7. For now Z-Controller looks more professional but popup menus are less intrusive you just click something and they go away. Maybe a poll will show what users prefer
  8. Z-controller looks better for me than the default menus for Nano. For now I'll stay with Carbo. I also installed xdebug and everything is fine. On the Carbo on apanel/Version Check it says that there is a new version 5.6.9 Nano and probably it should say that now is installed the last version of Carbo. If I'm not wrong Nano 5.6.9 compared to Carbo 6.0.0 only the phpmyadmin is a newer version.
  9. Thank you Ric for your awesome approach on developing Uniserver. I tried it. For now the only difference i fell would be the new menu. I like it! The vc9(different compiled, multiple processor, whatever... ) binaries may make it a little faster, i'm not sure. The only problem would be that the menu it show in the center of the screen on the vertical, when i click the tray icon, other than that so far so good.
  10. I have not yet tried the Carbo version because everything is just fine with the Nano version but I was wondering what exactly is diferent in the Carbo version. I did not find a place where there are clear shown the differences.
  11. I actually post now from an Asus eeepc 901 Windows xpsp3. I have Uniform Server on the second 16gb ssd with apache and mysql installed as services. For just developing mode the Intel Atom N270 for me it is great. I installed netbean(the php version, the best free IDE, suport for jQuery, etc) and Google Chrome(the best with its developer tools) and have no problems working on a ajax based project while some movie is playing in the background.
  12. Thank you for your response. I installed all as services. Everything works great. I knew about it. Just wanted to start all from start.exe like in wamp.
  13. I Like it! Start Uniform Server from the second start_2.exe to not see the popup. Done! Just a litle confused how to obtain the following: When Uniform Server is started from start.exe the apache and the mysql processes to start automatically without opening the index.php. Thank you for Uniform Server, Alqin
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