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  1. The first thing you'll want to do is change all the passwords, for MySQL, and the other stuff. Ther eshould be some red text when you load up the srever telling you which passes you need to change.
  2. olajideolaolorun, there is an easy fix for this problem.....since windows 98/me cannot allocate more memory to store the enviroment variables (default is 160 bytes), we must force the the batch to use more memory. Although Pont's solution does work in a way, my way allows the uniserver to be more of a no-install and it's more safer. *Note - you can't do this on a XP machine, since the error doesn't occur here and xp automatically allocates correct amt of memory Firstly create a shortcut of the server_start.bat. Rightclick the shortcut and click on properties. Click the memory tab in the Initial Environment combobox, choose 4096 bytes. Run the shortcut and you should have a working uniserver Another solution is to write a win32 app which executes these commands, but the solution above is much easier. Enjoy.
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