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  1. I use it strictly for bulletin board testing of new mods and updates.
  2. Means more too since the wife and I planted and arranged it.
  3. Changed mine to a recent update to my front yard this is a pictue of my entry way. Wife and I did last weekend. Makes me want to clear up my desktop and leave just the picture.
  4. If that made you laugh, your really gonna love this one. It wasn't till after his post that I realized I needed an index page with linking buttons to do what I was so ineptly asking to do.
  5. Why so ? , I understand this all maybe second nature to you. However, I really only started playing with forums and dealing with script about a year and a half ago. I am using this program strictly as a test board. So I am not using it as a host for these two forums. Just to test out different modifications. Your suggestions have helped me aquire what I was wanting to do. Thank you.
  6. Yes i want to run two phpbb installations with separate databases. I currently have both of them install in the W:/ , in separate folders. When I want to bring up one of the boards I have to rename the folder to www. The uniserver as I have it running on my computer, when started automatically brings up the www folder. What I want to find out how to do, is to set it up so that I can control which board I'm looking at without having to rename the file. I'm not sure if this cleared it up any but the above is what I would like to do. Is it possible?
  7. Still hoping for an answer to the double database question please.
  8. Hopefully this will help you take a look here. BigDump
  9. I don't know anything about WPMU. Yes I have two seperate forums. Both installed on the uniformserver. What I'm looking to find out is if there is a way to change between the two without having to go to W:/, and change the folder name to www. When you activeate the uniformserver and hit the server button it automatically brings up the folder that is named www. I was hoping to set it up to interchange between the two.
  10. I have fixed the index problem. I still would like to know how to make it work with both data bases without having to change the W:/ file name in order to get the forum I need. Also Is anyone else able to log out of your test server board to view it as a guest, without having a login problem?
  11. I was wondering how to running two boards on the Uniform server, and if it is possible. I have made a second file and installed a fresh phpbb. But in order to bring up the second one I have to change the name of the file www. 1.) How to make it change from one db to another without having to change name of the folder? If the forside doesn't see the index.php what or where do I need to adjust to fix that? Kdaddy
  12. Sorry for the serial post it wouldn't let me edit the above one. With everything function the test board should act identically to one on a regular server correct? I shouldn't be getting any "This page can't be display" screens?
  13. Well that didnt fix the problem. I'm not sure where to look now I put basically the same thing you posted except for the name I used a different one. The funny thing is, my live board appears to be working fine. However, I need to fix my test board so that I can see if guest are able to see the areas that I don't want them too.
  14. Could you give me a sample of one of your test board cookie settings. I am having a difficult time getting into the admin area now. It does something rather strange. I will put my username and password, it tells me it is wrong sometimes other times it will give me a page not found screen. Every now and then when I page back and select the preference { Part of mod-cat hierarchy} button at the top of my page it gives me access to my account and thus the administration area. Now my live forum works without a problem this seems to be strictly a test board server problem. Here are my current settings: Cookie domain : .localhost Cookie name: phpbb2mysql Cookie path : / Cookie secure: {set to disabled} Session length [ 3600 ]
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