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  1. Hello, I am unable to get MySQL running. I get "Unable to connect" when I use Run MySQL Server, Stop MySQL Server, or any other Uniform Server command which uses /a-cgi/. phpMyAdmin shows the Error "MySQL said: Documentation #2003 - The server is not responding" I noticed that mysqlrun.cgi & mysqlstop.cgi are located in the W:/home/admin/CGI folder, yet the a-cgi bin references /localhost/apanel/cgi which (with the apanel alias of /home/admin/www/) would hit W:/home/admin/www/cgi directory. I've tried changing the Alias and redirects in the httpd.conf file without successfully getting mysqlrun.cgi to execute. Any help would be great. Jacob
  2. I downloaded and overworte my earlier version of Uniserver. (Note: The Exe file created a folder named [uniform Server] from which I copied over to the main [uniserver] directory.) Now using Server_Start.bat I get "The server is working on the disk w:\ [http/]" though I fear it isn't working. I ran a backup on the Uniserver directory just before the move. Are you aware of the normal System Tools Backup frying the server perhaps? Jacob
  3. Hi, I just moved my server to a new location. After setup, Uniserver is no longer correctly functioning. When I run start.bat, I get "The server is working on the disk w:\ [http/]" and it places me in the W:\user\local\Php directory. However, it doesn't create the W:\ directory. Notes: It was working correctly before the move. No other server problems. I use port 8040 instead of 80 when it does work. OS: Windows Server 2003 Sign: Aries Jacob
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