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  1. Ric, That was a HUGE help! Thanks so much. We retrieved the folder with the database info from the students with the non-working phpMyAdmins, and placed it into the same location on a working Uniform Server. Then, opened phpMyAdmin in the working server, and viola!, there was the database in all it's splendor! Exported that as an .sql file, then used that to transfer the database tables to the live web server. By the end of class today, ALL students had working joomla (and wordpress) installations on the live server accounts. Again, thank you! It was very simple to do. Regards, Vicky
  2. I am teaching a class on CMS at the local college, and all 13 students have been using Uniform Server 5.0 with their joomla installations. Thanks for sharing such a great product!! Here is my issue. For two of the students, phpMyAdmin has "stopped working". Not sure why the errors...lots of troubleshooting but no resolution. All they need to do at this point in the class is to export their database, so they can import it to a live web server account. Do due the short time we have left to work on this particular project, I am looking for the fastest way to extract their database tables, so we can get their live web server accounts finished. Can you tell me where those database files are, somewhere in the Uniform Server file structure? I am sure they are there somewhere. I am wondering if it is possible to bypass phpMyAdmin in order to get their database tables data, so we can import them to the live web server. Thanks in advance. Sorry, not sure if this is the correct topic to post this question in... Vicky
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