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  1. and there are no my.* files anywhere on my computer
  2. new development.. now the server won't shut down from the admin panel, is states ยป Shutdown Server Shutting Down Server The server is shuting down. Thank you for using The Uniform Server. but it just stayed there and keeps running. this too worked before.
  3. i downloaded and installed uniserver with no problems, installed a phpBB forum over it, with a bit of help i managed to have others acces that forum. then begining with 3 days ago, while in the middle of browsing the fodum i get i error that said it can't acces the database. it was late so i just shut down and went to bed. next day it worked, and during the evenning i installed postnuke on the server, ran it and started configuring it. when i changed the theme the second time, i got a php error, that i traced back to... yes.. no mysql server running. i clicked the run mysql link in the uniserver admin panel.. it said mysql running, then i tryed to open phpmyadmin... but it couldnt connect to the mysql server. no mysql server appeared to be running on my compuer (i looked in services and tryed connecting to it with "mysql administrator"). i shut the server down, deleted it, rebooted, resintalled it, and ta-da, my sql worked. i reisntalled postnuke, and, again when i change my theme the second time, same error. that was yested late night, so i went to bed again. this morning, i deleted unifrosm server and rebooted my compuer about 10 times.. but now, as soon as i reinstall the server and run it, then run mysql, the server just doesn't start. both phpmyadmin and the mysql administrator can't connect to the mysql server. i tried shuting it down and starting it again, restarting it, forcing shutdowns of the server, deleted and rebooted a lot... nothing works... it doesnt make any sense, if it worked befre.. why doesnt it now.. and why did it randomly shut down while i was using it.... no i never had any other mysql installed on my computer, and that file you mentioned in the other thread doesn't exist on my computer. HELP
  4. much appreciated. obviously it worked. thanks for taking the time to reply to blind people.
  5. i was looking to play arround and see if i could install a phpbb forum. i found uniform server, installed it, ran the mysql, and set up the forum. everything worked like a charm and it took like 10mins.... thanks guyz !.... just 1 question: nothing can be accesed except from the localhost domain. if others try to view my forum, or if i try to use my ip instead of localhost, i get a "forbidden" error message. so how do i make my forum accesible by others ? (i had no firewall on at the time) this is the exact error: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /SiteName/index.php on this server. Apache/2.0.55 (Win32) DAV/2 PHP/5.1.1 Server at x.x.x.x Port 80
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