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  1. No Problem, i've tested it here before i've posted it
  2. Hi, i've updatet my version's of php/phpMyAdmin/phpMyBackupPro ! here some specs: php5 - updatet to working 5.1.4 phpMyAdmin - updatet to (german files added) phpMyBackupPro - updated to 1.8 (german files added) here on my site work's all fine on a UniformServer 3.3 from USB-Stick For everyone who wanna use this (insoffical) update's ive added the three Zip's to this post. Only one arror occure's on phpMyAdminPro: Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in W:\home\admin\www\phpMyBackupPro\functions.inc.php on line 507 but it create's the backup's without any Probs regards Haggy P.S. All possible files are Packed with the newest UPX 2.0 php_5.1.4.zip phpMyAdmin_2.8.0.3.zip phpMyBackupPro_1.8_ger.zip
  3. haggy

    Apache logs

    which error does you get if you try to start server ???
  4. after i added a [b]?>[/b] on the end of the actual script from http://go-pear.org it works finally !
  5. haggy


    What i try to explain (with my really broken english) is: You have to define a User or Superuser or anything, which starts the Service, to gain access onto Network (UNC) Mappings.
  6. haggy


    As first, sorry for my long away time I will try to explain a little with my broken english (i'm here from Germany ) Here is a Screene of a Standard FTP Service: This Service isn't able to connect to Network drive's (also mapped drives) Here a Screene of a corrected logon for this service: this was all, what i was trying to tell you
  7. haggy


    removed due to doublepost
  8. haggy


    You have the possibility to run a Service as User, so try this one
  9. haggy


    sure, sorry for my mistake, i had this Problem if i was running a FTP Server as a Service. So i had there to define a 'User' with Networking R/W rights to start this Service becouse of the System Service has no Networking rights
  10. haggy


    On Windows machines you have only access to mapped network Drives as User, not as systemuser or so. So you must start the WAMP / Uniforserver as a 'Superuser' or Admin.
  11. If you got this plugin fresh downloaded, you will not be able to start the Server from this. So i was going into the .ini and found a simple 'bug': Action: run; FileName: "%USRoot%\Start.bat"; ShowCmd: hidden; Flags: waituntilterminated just simply replace with this: Action: run; FileName: "%USRoot%\Server_Start.bat"; ShowCmd: hidden; Flags: waituntilterminated or rename the Server_Start.bat into Start.bat
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