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  1. ok i figured out that my internet provider is blocking ports from 0 to 1024 so i changed the port for apache to 8080. Now the problem is that the redirect for the admin panel doesnt work, it keeps refreshng with this url W:\home\admin\www\redirect.html i tried to change the redirect.html I change the line window.setInterval("window.location = 'http://localhost/apanel/'", 500); to window.setInterval("window.location = 'http://localhost/apanel/:8080'", 500); But it didnt works. Could someone tell mi what do i have to do to make the server running on a difremt port than 80.
  2. the server is started couse i can acces the page from my computer via localhost or thru a subdomain. My ip is static 100% so this is not the problem. Iried to remove tha .htacces but there vas no efect. I think there might bee somthin in the appache config file that does not allow acces from outside.
  3. I can't acces my site from another ip. I changed the.htaccess file i even added a line ( allow from all) but it doesnt work. it say that The server might be busy at this time and The server is not reachable. Can someone help me please. I'm not behind a router and i don have a firewal to. Any ideas what could be wrong??
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