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  1. Rats! Still haven't gotten it, but thanks for your help Ric!
  2. Thanks Ric this address http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php came up as an error for me too. I will look further into the Wiki Page. This kind of stuff drives me nuts ... lol
  3. Hello there, I have been following a program to allow me to develop Wordpress themes on my desktop. I've been given instruction to install uniform server which I have and was asked to install wordpress files in the www folder in uniform which I've done. I configured the wp-config php file. I was told to to to http://localhost/wordpress to install wordpress and I keep getting a 404 not found. What am I doing wrong if anything? I've gone back over my steps a half dozen times to make sure I did them correctly and could have still missed something. Now the person's that sold the program is referring everyone to this forum that are having difficulties. I would appreciate any feedback possible to help me move forward. Thanks in advance Bayside
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