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  1. I know this is like 2 years later. But I came across the same issue. I noticed that what it serialized was done incorrectly. <?php echo serialize(array( "preferred_state"=>"stable", "temp_dir"=>"E:\UniServerZ\home\us_pear/temp", "bin_dir"=>"D:\UniServerZ\home\us_pear", "php_dir"=>"E:\UniServerZ\home\us_pear\PEAR", "doc_dir"=>"E:\UniServerZ\home\us_pear\PEAR/docs", "data_dir"=>"E:\UniServerZ\home\us_pear\PEAR/data", "test_dir"=>"E:\UniServerZ\home\us_pear\PEAR/tests", "cache_dir"=>"E:\UniServerZ\home\us_pear\PEAR/cache", "cache_ttl"=>array( "php_bin"=>"D:\UniServerZ\core\php54\php.exe" ), "download_dir"=>"E:\UniServerZ\home\us_pear/temp/download", "http_proxy"=>"", "__channels"=>array("__uri","doc.php.net","pecl.php.net") )); ?> Just create a PHP file and put this in it, changing the paths. Make sure it is /temp. Not \temp as well. Run it and copy that into your config.
  2. Should not make me have to restart my computer to make it stop popping up! Can not kill proccess as it appears and dissappears before you can even select it. Other than this is great. Thanks.
  3. This is what happens when I try and install PEAR using 7.1.15 and aslo happened on 7.1.14 before upgrading. ------------------------------------------ Loading zlib: ok Bootstrapping Installer................... Bootstrapping PEAR.php............(remote) An Exception Has Occurred Unknown location: /pear/pear-core/branches/PEAR_1_6/PEAR.php HTTP Response Status 404 Not Found ok Bootstrapping Archive/Tar.php............(remote) ------------------------------------------ Any idea why this is happening? I have used this before and have installed PEAR with no problems. However this time I am on Windows 7 64bit as before I was not. Upon going to where /pear/ is, all folders are empty and no folder called /pear-core/ if that's where it is looking. Even installed as administrator in case it was not able to write/save files for some reason during install.
  4. I noticed with the lates version I am using (7.1.4-Orion) MySQL keeps dying. I mean it completely dies. I will be in phpmyadmin, and it randomly shuts the server down, sometimes entirely or just sql. After an sql update, trying to view a table ect. its constant and annoying! Hardly happens when I run my scripts. Usually my fault if it does, but phpmyadmin is not my fault! Any ideas here? Does not happen to me at work, but does to a co-worker. But does for me at home. To be more clear, its either 'connection has been reset' or 'unable to connect'. And call by either localhost or And more deterring that it still happens sometimes after restarting it all. Seems something in the string (or session). Because once I remove the string in the URL after restarting, it works.
  5. Neotropic

    Using SSL

    I am trying to use the SSL feature only on localhost for local development. I followed the instructions got the key generated. I go to https://localhost & https://localhost/apanel/. Both work fine. BUT... when I try to use, for example: https://localhost/somefolder/, it asks the whole SSL questions with allowing ect... Then I get file not found when I know the folder/file is in fact there. Why file not found? Am I missing something? The instructions do not take this into account. Using the latest Uniform server 5.6b Nano. Do need to upgrade. just realized I have an older version, and I installed latest on others. Should check those as well. but in the meantime in case the same. Thanks.
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