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  1. I do admit, this is driving me nuts. :)

    Not sure where or what the failure mode is.

    Relative links works.

    Absolute links seem to have that extra http


    Its not isolated to a particular application.

    It is reproducible on different browsers.

    Seems not to be an Apache issue.


    Ya! That means I will keep looking at this issue.


    Just wondering if any other users have any ideas?


    All the best

    Ric :)


    After all this research I made it seems to be a firefox bug. There's must be something sending when requesting from Apache using the pac hosts. Do you think we can get help from firefox team?


    Thanks once again


  2. I like to reproduce a problem! Hence this is my set-up:



    1 Extracted UniServer5_6b.exe

    2 Ran Server to check it works

    3 Installed V56_UniServer_USB_1.0.exe

    4 Created Virtual host jm.com in folder UniServer\www\joomlatest (Using Apanel)

    5 Closed server

    6 Extracted plugin V55_Joomla_1_5_15a.exe (note this was placed in folder UniServer)

    7 Moved folder joomla contained in www to folder UniServer\www\joomlatest

    8 Ran servers and typed in http://jm.com/joomla/

    9 Checked links no issues found until I clicked the home link.


    Yep you do get a double http:// :)

    Two hours later and I have still not found the cause. :)


    All the best

    Ric :)


    This is checked on Windows 7 and Windows XP


    Here is what I did.

    1 Extracted UniServer5_6b.exe

    2 Ran Server to check it works

    3 Installed V56_UniServer_USB_1.0.exe

    4 I Create w: letter using subst like the old good days for the uniserver folder

    5 Created Virtual joomlatest in folder w:\www\joomlatest (Using Apanel)

    6 Created a db with phpmyadmin and I installed latest joomla following the proposed position

    7 After installation finished I typed http://joomlatest site appears ok but the home link is http://joomlatesthttp/

    8 edit manually hosts inserting joomlatest

    9 remove option from firefox using my_hosts.pac (using default windows hosts)

    10 Everything is fine.

    11 Changing back to using my-hosts.pac

    12 Problem is back



    I go to the administrator panel. (http://testjoomla/administrator/)

    make an error login then login ok. The url is: http://testjoomlahttp/administrator/index.php

    and the output window says:


    Not Found


    The requested URL /administrator/index.php was not found on this server.


    Further further more (after hours...)

    Into my normal firefox installation i changed to use Automatic proxy configuration URL pointing to my_hosts.pac guess what THE SAME!


    I tried Portable Firefox 3.5.8 no luck!


    Thank you for your reply


  3. I followed the instructions installing on USB. Everything seems ok. The problem is somewhere around the PAC file. I installed joomla into a virtual host the root folder is accessed normally but some links are messed up. for ex. a link http://testjoomla/ is converted to http://testjoomlahttp/ . An http/ is added to the end of the file. If I remove the decleration from pac\my_hosts.pac and insert it into windows hosts file then everything works fine. The problem is at work that I can't modify hosts. I'm not sure if this is a problem of portable firefox.


    any Ideas suggestions?


    Thank anyway!


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