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  1. ...\UniServer_ZeroXII_12_0_0\docs\manual\index_main.html has a minor bug; a reference to a nonexistent name on the plugins_detail.html page.: <li><a href="plugins_detail.html#Plugin download information" >Plugin download information</a></li> the correct link is: <li><a href="plugins_detail.html#Module (Plugin) download information" >Module (Plugin) download information</a></li> Great product, I have found it very useful. Cheers, iron jim Pointing out bugs is not meant to criticize, imply mental deficiency, depreciate or otherwise demean, or diminish the self esteem of the author. They are meant to help fix the thing.
  2. Sorry for my delayed response. I tried uniform server 5.6a, since it worked fine I gave up on 5.6.2 I am running vc sp2, and 5.6a works fine. Also I just tried 5.6.7 and have the same problem with Apache.
  3. Hi, When I try to start Uniserver (5.6.2) Apache fails and I get the error message: "An unhandled win32 exception occurred in Apache.exe [4008]." Everything works fine when I run Uniserver 5.6a. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks, , 5.6a worked! I was able to change my SQL password no problem. I see that US 5.5 has PHP 5.3.1 and US 5.6a went back to PHP 5.2 (more precisely PHP 5.2.13). Do you think php 5.3 is the issue? If so, why?
  5. When I try to change the default SQL password from root to something else via apanel, apanel just hangs and the content of ..\UniServer\home\admin\www\mysql_password remains "root". I tried install Uniformserver on my hard drive and my thumb drive, but I get the same problem. I'm running 5.5 nano windowsXP firefox 3.6 When i use process explorer to see what is running I see ..\UniServer\usr\local\apache2\bin\apache.exe and ..\UniServer\usr\local\mysql\bin\mysqld-opt.exe are running. I changed the password from the command line using mysql, but even though I changed mysql_password by hand, phpAdmin would no longer work. So I reinstalled but I am getting the same problem (apanel just hangs without changing the password). I can access the MySQL database from MySQLAdmin, but it warns the attached message: "Either the server service or the configuration file could not be found. Startup variables and service section are therefor disabled." Any ideas how to fix this? Addendum: I can run Uniserver 5.3 & 5.1 to run on my machine.
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