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    A very odd question!

    Hi Ric, I'm not an expert so I don't understand why it's not possible to share database files between XP and Debian. I checked the files in C:/.../UniServer/usr/local/mysql/data/database/ and the ones in Debian and seems to me the same. Why shouldn't be MySql Debian able to use the XP database instead of the default? Sorry for asking, but not being an expert I don't understand. Thank you for your pacience. EDIT: What about using UniServer through Wine? Nino
  2. Hi, I've a double-boot system with Windows XP and Debian. I would like to use the database I have on XP when I shift to Debian, where I've installed Apache+PHP+MySql+phpMyAdmin. I've already configured the system so that the browser open the Uniserver folder www, but I don't succeed to use the database. Can someone help me to understand what I should do? Thanks, Nino
  3. Hi Shyokou, thank you for your help. I've not received a notification from the forum so I'm late in replying, sorry. (Obviously I check the appropriate box!) I didn't specify that I wouldn't lose my existing web contents because it is obvious to me That's why I was surprised reading that what I need to do is just to download the new version. My contents are inside the old "Uniform Server", so I think I have to backup my datas, to overwrite the old files and to restore my datas. Can I ask you where did you find information about updating from one version to another? Any document? Any site? I did think that is would be so difficult to simple update Thanks a lot. Nino
  4. I'm ashamed because I don't understand your kind reply I want to update my Uniform Server [5.5-Nano] to Uniform Server [5.6.13-Nano], and I wasn't able to find any clear (for me) information about what I need to do. I've installed Uniform Server [5.5-Nano] on my local computer. Do you mean that to update Uniform all I need to do is to overwrite the existing files with the new downloaded ones? I would like to update from Uniform Server [5.5-Nano], which is installed locally, to the new version: 5.6.13-Nano on my computer. That's all. Thank you for your kind attention, Nino
  5. Hi, all. I'm sure it has been written somewhere, but I wasn't able to find any information about how to update UniServer (for Windows) or it is written in too technical words for me Could someone help me to find this information? Thanks a lot. Nino
  6. I hope that moment is definetely off. By "Today I was doing some searches trough Google" I meant that I tried to use the famous search engine called "Google" By "I was entered into my PC by http://dp.000.in/" I meant that in the list of sites containing the information there was this website "http://dp.000.in/" and opening it I "entered" (is this word the confusing one?) that is it was opened my locale uniformserver root or, if you prefer, I was directed to my local server (uniformserver). If you still don't understand, don't worry... I'll find a solution. Bye, Nino PS I'm not scared off... I'm surprised by this new "galateo". Sorry
  7. Hi, some days ago I've installed UniServer on my PC. Today I was doing some searches trough Google and... I was entered into my PC by http://dp.000.in/!!! How can that happen? Thanks a lot. Nino
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