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  1. Hi, has anyone tried running Nano_5_1 Start.exe from a junctioned folder? It fails starting UniTray1.exe without any error message. Reproduce by: - download uniserver 5.1 main zip file, unpack into folder v:\test. no perl or addons necessary, just the zip file - create a junction (use sysinternal's junction.exe or other tools) from C:\Nano_5_1\UniServer to v:\test\UniServer - go to to C:\Nano_5_1\U new jersey asian escort niServer and run new jersey asian escorts Start.exe => UniTray not started - now go to V:\test\UniServer new jersey escort and run Start.exe => UniTray new jersey escorts started (OK) Here V:\ is a substituted drive (SUBST.EXE V: J:\APP) but I don't think that matters, I think only the junction matters. platform: uniserver 5.1, Windows XP Pro SP3
  2. Why did the Nano ottawa escort developers set ottawa asian escort magic_quotes_gpc On in ottawa asian escorts php.ini both for development and production versions? Magic quotes feature is deprecated in php 5.3, http://www.php.net/magic_quotes I think it would be better to ottawa escorts set it Off in both development and production php.ini files.
  3. kangyu

    5.0 FORBIDDEN error

    I've set up a windows 2003 server. I've set up uniserver 5.0 on it (because I need php 5.2.x). The windows server DOES NOT have internet access. (I want it this way). I can connect and conifure and do what I like from http://localhost/ I get "IT WORKS!" form http://server/ I can't access http://server/apanel or http://server/sugarcrm or anything, just get forbidden. I've read the forums NY Escort here and set FollowSymLinks in NY Escorts httpd.conf and set +FollowSymLinks in .htaccess I've checked permissions NY Asian Escorts on the folders in windows. So, Everything works on the local machine. It doesn't work from a network machine. Server is on the LAN but NY Asian Escort does not have internet access (for security reasons).
  4. I am trying to setup some virtual hosting for a couple of development sites. I had to contact my dns host and my host to allow wildcards. They said they would have to change my IP to do this (not sure why) but they changed my IP address and they added new wildcards to the DNS records (site1. and site2. etc.) I had virtual hosts setup and working with my main domains before the move to a new IP. After they moved the IP, nothing worked. I looked at my Apache access log files and I didn't see any activity on port 80, which makes me think that possibly something is wrong in the firewall or in the dns records. Or possibly the new IP address just isn't directed to the right server. My hosts swears everything is correct and says since we are getting 404 errors the request is making it all the way to the server. So, if the requests are making its way to the server, why don't I see this in the access files? Is there some other reason that Apache wouldn't be seeing these requests on Port 80? Like I said, before the new york escort move the new york asian escort server new york escorts was functional and working great for years. I had my hosts change everything new york asian escorts back and wala it works again. Is there something else I need to change in the configuration to allow requests from a different IP? I have the NameVirtualHost * so it should accept all IP addresses, right?
  5. 1) assume apache_home new york city asian escorts and dh_log have new york city asian escort some paths.. and new york city escorts since im currently on windows.. its taking '\' instead of '/' as in unix.. 2) the slashes are being new york city escort stripped.. how do i stop it ? 3) ive used xampp to install apache.. hope that should not matter... Please let me know how i can fix this
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