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  1. You must delete the joomla configuration file, to perform a new installation.
  2. I have finished "hacking" version 5.5 "Nano", because I found it too complicated for my needs (I like to keep a separate and portable Uniform version with every website or application I develop plus I needed some extra tools inside) and thought I should share this. You can download the custom version from here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9521AEW8 What this version includes: - Apache 2.2.14 - PHP 5.2.12 configured with all the PHP plug-ins loaded by Uniserv 5.5 plus the Ioncube Loader extension and sqlite-based session management - PHPMyAdmin - msmtp CHANGES: - Old style (version 3.5 "Apollo") Control Panel - No Control Tray. There is just a "Server_Start.bat" and a "Stop.bat", which start and stop all the required services (Apache-PHP, mysql). - In the "plugins\Services" directory I have added the plugin from version 3.5, to permanently install the services locally, but it's not yet tested. - Like in version 3.5, Uniserv will create a virtual drive (default drive-letter "W:/"), for more convenience in working with scripts which require absolute server paths, being able at the same time to copy Uniserv on any medium and continue working from there. BUGS: Under Vista and 7, it seems that Apache will crash the 1st time you will try to start PHPMyAdmin, but after re-starting the server it will work ok. This version has been based on back-porting the version 5.5 services (Apache-PHP, mysql) and tools (PHPMyAdmin etc) to the file-structure of version 3.5 and not vice versa.
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