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  1. Look into the .htaccess file. It most likely locks your root directory.
  2. aducom


    Forget above, had to pick another solution. Sorry.
  3. Appearantly some people have found out how to implement other php versions within Uniform like marco. If these efforts can be put into a fork in github than not all the work goes to the two guys maintaining this project alone? Needs to be verified by the community, so a beta strategy might be an alternative to share the work over more people without being directly involved as team member.
  4. aducom


    Hi, I'm currently working on a php development tool which is build in lazarus. I found out that the controllertool was build in lazarus, at least version xi was as it was distributed with the source code. I would like to be able to access some functions from this tool, be able to start/stop the webserver and database and change php versions on the fly. There are a few options, I can try to replicate the functions and embed it in the tool I'm developing; I can apply a service layer on the tool so I can control it from outside (with synapse that's not too hard); I could change code so that you can start the controller more-than-once, but if it's already running only parameters can be set and the app will close). Question is, what is the licence model of the controller as I could not find anything about it, is the source of the recent controller available, would the community be helped if I added a service layer (and return that to the community). b.r Albert
  5. aducom

    heartbleed issue

    I am running a site under https with Coral and a comodo certificate. The testing tool on comodo tells me that I have a heartbleed issue. Is this a known issue and what can I do to solve this serious problem? Is upgrading to a newer uniform the solution?
  6. I figured it out. Needed to apply the server root folder rights. Bit obvious, but sometimes you simply don't see it..
  7. Is port 80 free or perhaps in use by the default IIS?
  8. By the way, I'm using Coral, most recent version (downloaded it last Friday), am running on a Windows 2008 server.
  9. I have created a vhost and I can access that w.o. problems. Then I installed a Comodo certificate (ssl) to that virtual host. If I check the certificate from the registar by his utility then it tells me that all is installed and working well and that the certifciate could be verified. However when I type https in the browser then I get a Forbidden (403) error page. If I look in the apache log I get a line: [sat Oct 12 11:08:23.445792 2013] [authz_core:error] [pid 3768:tid 1660] [client] AH01630: client denied by server configuration: C:/aducom/Coral/UniServer/vhosts/dohmc/ Appearantly I have overlooked some config setting, but I cannot figure out where. I have commented all lines in the .htaccess file on the root of that (virtual) domain. Does anybody have a clue for me? tnx, Albert
  10. I'm running Uniform Server for years now and I'm very pleased with it. Now I need to host a php package that is depending for graphics on the JRE. Is it possible to install this within the Uniform Server? I don't like to setup a full tomcat if it isn't absolutely necessary. I'm running it on Windows Server.
  11. It's working now. Problem is that I used www and wwwrvu as root directory. As soon as I changed wwwrvu into rvu it simply worked... Got the hint from a collegue, I would never come up with this.
  12. I'm running orion. How do I enable virtual hosts? I have now: NameVirtualHost *:80 ##########VIRTUAL HOST SETUP########## # WWW.REKENINGVOORU.NL <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName www.mydomain.nl DocumentRoot C:/aducom/Orion/UniServer/wwwrvu </VirtualHost> #====== DEFAULT VIRTUAL HOST =========== # LOCALHOST <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName localhost:80 DocumentRoot C:/aducom/Orion/UniServer/www </VirtualHost>
  13. That's a good hint, i'll look it up. It's a standard US installation in august last year, apache 2.x?
  14. I created two virtual hosts. Strange thing is that whatever url I type, i get the first defined virtual host. If I go to the server, the same issue persists. But if I go to apanel and click on the virtual host then I do get the right website in the correct directory. I'm sure I have forgotten something, anybody?
  15. I have installed Uniform Server in W7. When I start it it generates a small icon in the tray. If I start the servers from there they won't start. I have installed all as administrator. I can however start mysql/apache fully by hand, but that's not the idea ;-) I suggest that it is some security option I need to set in W7 but does anybody know where and how? albert
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