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  1. Hi...? I was wondering if anyone knew of a PHP class for editing the httpd.conf file. I found one, but it's not suppose to be released for a long long long time... So yeah... has anyone seen/know of one? And is there a good PHP editor out there that you can un-zip and all it needs stays in it's folder... (so it's portable) I'm never on the same computer becuase mine died... So I need everything tostay on my usb drive thing. I can't use PSPad because I don't have a cab uncabber(?) and yeah... GreenPad is nice and all, but it doen't have tabs, and they say it's fast, but it's only fast with small files... I'm also looking for one that tabs. So if anyone knows of one, please tell
  2. I unplugged the USB stick, and then restarted the computer, reinserted the stick, and it started to work. I don't know what went wrong the first time... Sorry for all the confusion
  3. Well, it's modified mounted thing (the w:/www/ directory) but when I close it w:/ is unmounted, none of the modified files are stored on the USB stick. The files are there (I can type and see it) but when I shut down, and go to K:\Server\diskw\www the file isn't there.
  4. I like that Uniform Server can be stored on my USB stick, but I wanted to use a script that would edit files via the browser and the only problem is that when I stop Uniform server, the changes aren't saved on the stick. Does that mean I'll have to copy the www directory back to the USB stick prior to stopping the server? (and the MySQL tables/anything else that is being changed?) I was wondering if there was a way around this, or something... Thankyou for your time.
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