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  1. Thanks Traxxus, dumping the Joomla25 folder into www did the job for me. I also left the favicon folder because I believe I saw somewhere you should and it has not interferred. It now working the way I want. Thanks for the explaination Bobs as i am not too knowledgeable about all of this.
  2. When I click on view www in the uniform server instead of going directly to my web page it gives me a choice of two things, my website:Joomla 2.5 and favcon and them i have to click on Joomla2.5 to get to my home page. If someone from outside tries to access my site they face the same thing. Can someone please help me correct this. I realize it was a mistake I made in setting up the localhost server.
  3. Hi Ric, Sorry I missed your reply when it came out. Now that I know the cause and had a reason to reinstall Joomla and Uniform Server I changed my passwords before loading Joomla and it works out fine. Thanks. Tom
  4. Using Windows XP I have set up Joomla 1.5 on Uniform Server and set up for outside access to localhost. It all works fine until I try to make it more secure by changing the MySQL password from "root" that was used during setup. I go into to Uniform Server through the admin panel and when I do the security check I can change all passwords without trouble except MySQL. When I cange that I cannot get into localhost but get this message: "Database error: Unable to connect to database. Could not connect to MySQL" The if I cange back to "root" password (and close and open my browser) everythink works again. For security with outside access I would like to be able to change this password. Is there another way to do it?
  5. I'm getting most of the problems mentioned above cleared up. It looks like their getting to the server but outsiders cannot still open the webpage. I am copying below the information they get. I notice in particular that its says the webpage at https://localhost might be temporarily down or move. However I do not use https://localhost without also adding /joomla to open my localhost. Culd that be the problem and how would I fix it. Thanks for any help. For anyone else struggling with this do a search for "5.0 Nano: Install and Run" Tom This webpage is not available. 1. The webpage at https://localhost/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. More information on this error Below is the original error message Error 2 (net::ERR_FAILED): Unknown error. Welcome to Uniform Server 2. Welcome to the Uniform Server default start page. This page and every other file are being served from the main server root folder, "/www/". Additional support for 5-Nano can be found on the Wiki. Server Specifications Apache 2.2.14 MySQL 5.1.41-community PHP 5.3.1 phpMyAdmin 3.2.4 ActivePerl - Plugin ActivePerl - Plugin UniTray Cron - Scheduler DtDNS - IP address updater db_backup - Database back-up msmtp - Mail client for PHP
  6. I am learning how to set up Joomla with Uniform Server and am trying to build my first website at the same time. I am trying to give access to a couple of other people, in our volunteer history association, who are helping with the website design and content. This could be a way of working together. I have very little idea of what to do, but I do have Joomla working on the local server on my computer. I'm using Uniserver 5.5 with Joomla 1.5.15 on Windows XP. I just applied to DtDNS and got a hostname. What do I do next? The hostname is made up of two words run together as one. I have a domain which is etowns.org. Do I treat them like an ordinary domain name, use www and have a period between my hostname and etowns? I assume the server has to be turned on. Does Joomla also have to be runing or can the other person start it up and how. I just say http:// localhost/joomla in my browser when I do it. Can I be using my computer for other things while someone is using the server? I just need the others to be able to see the frontend. I am pretty new at this so don't assume I know anything. Thanks for any assistance. I got great help the last time I asked a questions here so my fingers are crossed. Middleman
  7. I have gotten Joomla working on Uniform Server but only when it includes the Joomla sample information. I am now try to make a clean installation but when I get to the stage where it asks about Language, pre-installation Check, License, Database and so on, it will not open for me. When I put localhost/myjoomla into my browser (IE) I get a Joomla Index page instead of Installation page. Can someone please tell me what I am doing incorrectly. Middleman
  8. I have now figured out that I can get rid of most of this sample data by using the Module Manager but if there is a simple way, especially while loading I would like to know. Middleman
  9. When I set up Joomla using Uniform Server it came with all that data or Joomla examples that fill the Frontpage and I would like to know how to get rid of it. In loading Wamp I was given an opportunity to decide if I wanted that but with Uniform Server I don't remember been given the option. How do I get ride of the Joomla examples and is there a way when setting up Joomla with Uniform Server to be given the option for in future? Thanks for any help Middleman
  10. Ric, I reinstalled Uniform Server and Joomla according to your instructions and I got the Frontpage and Administration page open fine. So I guess everything is working now. Thanks again. Tom
  11. Ric, Thanks you for the reply. That is the type of information I need. I appreciate your thoroughness. Over the Christmas Holidays I will continue to play with this until I get it right. I'm very excited by the possibilities it offers. Merry Christmas. Tom
  12. I am very excited by what I learned about The Uniform Server and hope it will help me set up my first website using Joomla. However I have made several attempts to get it working and failed. Part of my problem is I feel I do not understand all the instructions. It is only the past few months that I've started to learn what to do to set up a website and I know very little if anything about programming, etc. Being 75 I may also be a little slow at these new concepts. Maybe if we had a writer from Computers for Dummies rewrite the instructions it might help me. Example of some items that caused me trouble in the "5.0-Nano:Install and Run" directions: -two modes either as a standard program or service (I assume service means actually operating as a website and program means used in developing a website, but am not sure.) -Under Download there is a reference to different version of PHP but I don't know if there is a preferred one and several other examples of where I am not sure of the meaning and what to do. The Server Status reports that that Apache SSL Server is disabled but Apache is running and set up as a standard programme Anyhow when I thought I had Uniform Server up and running ok. I installed Joomla by copying the download into www after removing all but file .htaccess then extracting it. I started the servers and then typed http://localhost in my browser as is and with /joomla/ after it, but just got "The webpage cannot be found". I have made several attempts to load Uniform Server and Joomla in slightly different ways but have not succeeded. I need a set of instructions that lead me by the hand and assume I know nothing. I shall keep trying for a while. By the way I did get Joomla working by using Wamp but Uniform Server has some features I need. Sorry to be so long but needed to get this off my chest. I'd appreciate any advice.
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