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  1. I base your answer on that you think that I own domains for the websites correct?


    I do not own any domain yet. The "websites" I spoke about is just the html, css (etc etc) files that I want to host in different folders for easy accessing. Sorry about the misunderstanding :)


    What I want to do is to display a series of folders on the index page where the codes for my websites are stored. Kinda like this.


    (Is it ok to have my custom logo display at the top by the way?)


    I think that I have to code this in the index.php file but I am not sure (and I suck at PHP lol)


    Any other solution?

    And thank you for that portable version :)


    I just thought that I would mention that when you click the tray icon and choose "WWW Root" it takes you to the index page in your browser instead of opening the folder :)

  2. So yeah, I need help with something here.


    I have been using WAMP-Server some, and there you can just add a new folder to the "\www\" directory and it shows up on the index page.


    But to do that on Uniserver it seems that you have to edit the ".htaccess" file or something right? And I have no clue whatsoever on what to edit :)


    I want to have different websites in different folders on my index page. Can I get any help with that?


    I run Uniform Server 5.5-Nano on Windows 7 OS if that is any help.

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