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  1. I have tried changing localhost to and it does indeed work. On the subject of it being a PHP bug I've found this and this suggesting it's not going to be fixed.
  2. I tried out the latest version (Nano-5.5) of Uniform Server and found that it would timeout while trying to connect to anything using MySQL other than phpMyAdmin in the admin panel. After much fiddling around I was able to pinpoint the problem down to PHP 5.3.1 after I switched it with PHP 5.3.0 from Nano-5.1 and found I could connect again. I've only tested on Windows 7 (I use the Professional x64 version) so I don't know if it happens on other OSs. This is the code that I used to test (works with 5.3.0, timeout on 5.3.1): <?php error_reporting(0); $connect = mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "root"); $connect; echo "Connection was "; if (!$connect) { echo "not"; } echo " successful."; ?>
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