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  1. Just for the record the same process has worked for me using Uniserver 5.5. Keep up the good work Ric, Uniserver really is becoming a very useful collection of tools.
  2. With a freshly downloaded version of 5.7.1 extracted to my local drive phpmyadmin works perfectly out of the box for me. Do you have an entry for localhost in your 'windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts' file? I'm running Win 7 64 bit with firefox
  3. Thanks for the solution, I've not tried it yet as I'm in the midst of using an older version but based on the comment above it looks like it works so I'll give it a try soon.
  4. I think that 5.5 has php 5.3.1 and 5.7 has php 5.3.5 so that could be the difference.
  5. Just as an update with uniserver 5.5 and the updated go-pear v1.1.2 I can get it does install correctly.
  6. I'm having problems getting PEAR installed on the latest uniserver 5.7.1. Running on Windows 7 64bit I've downloaded a fresh copy of uniserver 5.7.1 and Apache, mysql and the admin panel all work ok. Now when I click on 'Install PEAR' under the plugin menu (Go-PEAR v1.1.2) and choose MDB2 while leaving all of the other options as the defaults then click install I get the following response and error. Starting installation ... Loading zlib: ok Bootstrapping Installer................... Bootstrapping PEAR.php............(remote) ok Bootstrapping Archive/Tar.php............(remote) ok Bootstrapping Console/Getopt.php............(remote) ok Extracting installer.................. Downloading package: PEAR.............ok Downloading package: Structures_Graph.... Error while opening {C:/Users/Stu/Uniserver_5_7/UniServer/home/admin/www/plugins/pear/temp/docs/html/Structures_Graph/Structures_Graph_Manipulator_TopologicalSorter.html ���������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������� �����} in write binary mode Any ideas as to the problem, do I need to change any of the default settings or have any specific php setting activated?
  7. I've actually sorted this now, it was my mistake as I was using a VC9 compiled version instead of a VC6 and the errors were being suppressed so I didn't realise this was the problem. It all looks to be working now so that's good.
  8. I'm running Uniformserver 5.5 on windows 7 and I'm trying to switch on php soap. Am I right in thinking that all I should have to do is copy the php_soap.dll file into the php\extensions folder and then uncomment the following line in php.ini? extension=php_soap.dll Am I missing anything else as I've done the above and it's not being recognised. Cheers Stu
  9. Make sure you use the latest version of Uniserver and then right click on Start.exe and click Properties and then choose run as administrator. With this done it works perfectly on my Win 7 install.
  10. Ric is correct that the problem lies with UAC and permissions. There are a couple of simple ways around it and previous post shows a way around it. In my opinion the simplest way of getting Uniserver up and working on Windows 7 and I presume the same will apply for Vista is by doing as follows. 1. Download 'UniServer5_5.exe' to your machine. 2. Run 'UniServer5_5.exe' and choose a location to extract it to. 3. Go to the location you chose to extract Uniserver to and open the 'Uniserver' folder. 4. Right click on 'Start.exe' and select 'Run as administrator'. 5. Right click on the system tray icon and select Install and run all services. After a couple of seconds Apache and Mysql should now run as expected. If you really want to be lazy and are happy to always grant Uniserver 'Run as administrator' privileges then you could also 1. Right click on 'Start.exe' and choose 'Properties' 2. Click the compatibility tab. 3. Tick the box 'Run this program as adminstrator'. Now in future you can just run 'Start.exe' as normal by double clicking it and it will always automatically be run as an adminstrator. You only need to do the above if you want to install apache and mysql as a server. If you want to just use them as a normal program then there is no issue and you don't need to run as administrator, you can just choose to run them as standard programs by left clicking on the system tray icon and selecting 'Start Uniserver'. I hope this helps. Cheers
  11. Kris, It seems there is something odd going on with uniserver, phpmyadmin and windows 7 and basically it's just not accessible, this sounds like your problem too. Ric is trying to find a solution and hopefully it'll get sorted soon but so far he's had no joy.
  12. Hi Ric, I've just tried all of the changes you've suggested above and stopped Apache and Mysql and restarted Uniserver and the browser and it's still the same issue as before. I'm fairly new to using a WAMP installs, as I've always installed everything manually before, and only came across Uniserver after trying server2go and the phpmyadmin setup in that worked fine out of the box. As a bit of feedback assuming we can get phpmyadmin up and working Uniserver looks to be a very nice bit of kit that very much simplifies some tedious tasks, so keep up the good work. I'll check in a few times a day over the weekend so if you have any suggestions I'll gladly try them out for you promptly. Cheers Stu
  13. The file \home\admin\www\phpMyAdmin\index.php is being executed when I go to phpmyadmin and it runs up to the line require_once './libraries/common.inc.php'; I think but I'm not 100% that it is then failing when it gets to // Connects to the server (validates user's login) $userlink = PMA_DBI_connect($cfg['Server']['user'], $cfg['Server']['password'], false);
  14. Hi Rik, Thanks for the quick follow up, my answers are below.
  15. Hi, I've just tried out Uniform Server for the first time and I've tried 5.4 and 5.4.1 beta2 and myphpadmin doesn't work for me either. When I try to use Myphpadmin or change the password it just hangs and times outs after about a minute. Apache looks to work fine. I'm running Windows 7 Professional and Firefox 3.5 and I'm starting the processes as standard programs and not services. According to the server status mysql is running on the standard port and I can manually log into mysql and it looks to be working ok. I'll gladly try out any suggestions you have.
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