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  1. Where are the instructions for installing Zend Optimizer in 5.3 Nano? I looked here; http://wiki.uniformserver.com/index.php/5....o:_Introduction , but there are no files to download and no instructions. I've installed Zend Optimizer before, but I have never had problems like this. Please help!
  2. Just an update for this thread... Uniform Server 5.3-Nano runs fine on Vista, but you have to switch ApacheS1 & MySQLS1 from running as a service automatically. However, I have not been able to ger 5.4 Nano_Beta to run yet.
  3. Hello, I have had other severs installed before; WAMP, XAMPP, Vertrigo (Best Server I've ran so far, by the way), and a few others just for curiosity sake. However, after installing Uniform Server, I can't seem to access phpmyadmin at all! I don't get an error message, I can't even change the password from within the Admin Panel. It just won't connect at all! Now, I have seen a few other posts where you guys have made mention about a LIBMYSQL.dll file. Should I be worried if I found one? There is one on my system. Does Uniform Server need this file, or should I get rid of it? Let me know anything you can, Chris Hawkins
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